Say it Aint So: Recurrence of Optic Neuritis Possible?

I was diagnosed with MS in March of 2014. Although I was having symptoms over the years MS was not suspected. However in October 2013 the film on the cornea of my left eye came off during sleep and two weeks later I started having pains in my right eye. It was extremely sensitive to light and would hurt each time I moved it. Two days later I lost some sight. Tests were done. I was diagnosed in March 2014 after another MRI showed additional plaque.

I am now sort of experiencing the the same things but in both eyes - however not to the extent previously. Unfortunately it is being accompanied by the general malaise that accompanied the previous episode. These being headache (heavy head like it is full of liquid), back pain, muscular pain, extreme fatigue. Also I cannot focus properly.

Has anyone in the forum ever had optic neuritis twice? I have checked the internet but still uncertain of the info there. I know you will advise me to visit the doctor but I am not in the UK. Am in a country that has very little experience with MS (I was diagnosed in Sweden while there for two years and have now returned home) and seeing a doctor is very expensive. Also I worry about being perceived as malingering.

Replies appreciated.

Having optic neuritis twice was a big part in my MS diagnosis - more than one episode ie multiple hence MS but that was ages ago…hasn’t raised his head since, only a bit of pain in the eye occasionally.


I have had optic neuritis many times since diagnosis in 2005. Sometimes it can last for months then a little break then it is back. To be honest iI have learnt to live with it and stay as cold as I can which helps.

Sorry you are suffering.

Take care.

Shazzie x

I’ve had it three times with complete loss of sight in one eye. I’ve also had it a few times with just pain, no loss of vision.

Rosina x

Thanks for the comments guys. Saw an ophthalmologist and though they saw some problems but no swelling of the optic nerves. Still convinced that i am having a relapse as my pains have increased and because of the pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders