panicking - optic neuritis?

Hi I’m new to the forum. I was diagnosed in 2008 after a number of relapses in which my symptoms were nystagmus and l’hermittes. I’m 29. Anyway I’m really petrified at the minute - I woke up this morning with pain behind my left eye when I move it. It’s quite hard to explain the actual feeling - a bit like a tight pulling sensation. I typed eye pain into google and it keeps coming up with optic neuritis (which I am aware is a symptom). After reading the literature on optic neuritis I am now terrified! I have three young children - one only 20 weeks old. In anyone’s experience of this symptom - does pain usually precede vision loss? - just to clarify I have no vision impairment at present. I am just terified that I will wake up blind in the morning! I am actually due to see the ms nurse tomorrow to restart my rebif after my pregnancy however I would really like to know of anyone’s experience of this - hopefully to put my mind at rest :s thanks in advance katie x

Hi Katie, I have had pain behind my eyes off and on for years (feels like I’ve pulled a muscle behind my eyeball) and apart from slight blurring of my vision, it has not been a problem, so I wouldn’t get too worried about it if you can help it as the stress won’t help your symptoms. I use it now as a sign that I have overdone it. Just try to get some extra rest and have a chat with your nurse tomorrow.

Mags xxx

Hi Katie - id mirror the previous comment. Don’t panic. I have had optic neuritis 3 times and it starts with the pain and then some slight blurred vision ( feels like I’ve looked at a bright light) it didn’t stop me going about my usual life. Talk to your ms nurse about it. It’s very common

I humbly suggest you get down to your local drug dealer,that’ll be your GP and get some oral steroids.


I have had this going on for years now and my neurologist gave me Gabipentin to control the pain part of it.

MS course’s on and off blindness but this can be helped with steroids.

It is best to ask your nurse about all of this as I am no doctor.

I hope she works this out for you.

Thanks 4 replies everyone - hopefully ill b able to sleep now! X

Hi Katie

The others have given you some good advice, try and not get stressed about this. Stress is not good for MS.

ON can be quite frightening. As with all things MS everyone’s experience is different.

My own experience, I had ON 9 years ago and went completely blind in one eye. It has since completely recovered and hasn’t recurred since. I was not given steroids.



Hi Katie ON was my first symptom (35 years ago!) and I don’t think I’ve had it since. I’ve never had problems with my vision so hopefully you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hope you can get back to the joy and (sometimes) pain of looking after 3 children! Best wishes, Karen