optic neuritis

Hi, If you have pain when moving the as in Optic neuritis does that mean its a new relapse or just old damage that is being irritable.I have had a relapse  before involving both eyes  at the same time and also one that just involved one eye. Any opinions ?

Hello Helen,


I have optic neuritis, but didn't know for years. At the same time I was getting symptoms. These days the pain in my eye arrives I know something else is going on. I also seem to have a blood vesse burst in my eye at the same time as the pain, so I feel that it's about to start but as I don't seem to be out of pain it's hard to tell.

Sorry after reading this back it dosen't make much sense........................but does any of it make sense????

Hope it does help though.


Janet x

Hi Helen,

I had Optic Neuritis last year in my left eye. The eye was very achy and I lost the central vision - I was given 3 days of iv steroids. For me they helped. I got the sight back and gradually the colour vision improved too although I have been left with some residual problems.

For the last few months though I've had various additional issues with that eye but very recently they've got worse (but so far have not lost the vision thankfully) and after seeing my nurse on Monday was surprised to learn that it was Optic Neuritis again. Although I've not been well for some time I think this is a new relapse rather than just a continuation of my last one. A relapse can see the return of either old or new symptoms so it's probably best to contact your nurse or neuro - to err on the side of caution if nothing else. Your peepers are important.

Good luck, I hope that things start to improve for you very soon

Debbie xx



Hi.I have had ON 3 times.I have been told that ON is diagnosed if you have:

-blurring or loss of vision

-a feeling of pressure behind the eye

-pain on eye movement

Even if you have just one of these symptoms,it's classed as ON.

The first time for me,I had all three symptoms.The other two times,it didn't affect my vision (fortuanately).

Anyway,hope this helps.Take care Brenda x