Optic neuritis-vision returned?

Has anyone had optic neuritis as a symptom and vision has returned?

Hi, yes, ive had it twice and ultimately led to my diagnosis. My vision returned but not as good as it was previously.

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I had it which then confirmed my diagnosis. My vision in one eye was terrible but after a few weeks it came back. My eyes both test at 20/20 vision but my effected eye is very slightly not as good. It’s a little more sensitive to bright lights but considering I thought it was the end of the world when it went I can live with that


Hi ClareK. Yes. My experience was pretty much the same as Tyler. I lost most of my visions in my right eye. I remember looking at an open fire and could see next to nothing with my right eye. I can’t remember how long it took to return maybe a couple of months for full recovery. One sort of interesting thing was that although my vision returned in say 3-4 weeks, it took much longer for ‘colour’ vision to recover fully. I now wouldn’t really know that I ever had a problem

Hi there,
I have optic neuritis too and it went away, slowly. There wasn’t a sudden wow, my vision is back moment though.

As others have said, my vision in that eye isn’t as good as it was, but it doesn’t affect my day to day life.

Sending supportive hugs,

Hi ClareK and everyone else.
I understand in 2019 I developed ON in left eye, yellow became white, pain upon moving eye plus headaches daily. They gave it a year and like others the vision is not crystal clear. My right eye took over being the dominant. This year July confirmed RRMS due to other symptoms :pensive:. This week I noticed similar pain in my right eye (what was my good eye). The following day still pain , headaches and blues have green patches, greys, whites and purples are affected. I have been put on course of steroids for five days to help speed recovery.
As you can tell I like to talk it helps to come to terms as I now walk in a daydream.
Everyone keep chins up accept help where n when it offered or ask if struggling.
All the best and hugs to all reading this xx

Hi Clare,
I had complete vision loss in right eye, due to optic neuritis, back in 2000.
I didn’t wear an eye patch and just tried to carry on with my other good eye.
I was told it’s not permanent vision loss and the vision slowly returned, albeit taking a while to be as it was before; months if not years but it does eventually came back.
Best regards,

Hi Clare

my first MS symptom turned out to be Optic Neuritis. I lost about 95% of vision in my left eye. After about for weeks most of my vision returned. If I go for an eye test they always tell me that one eye is weaker than the other one.

I went on to be diagnosed with RR MS and had around twenty years of minor symptoms. I have recently been diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS and have lost a lot of mobility in my right leg.

Yes, I had it once, i got almost completely blind. Mine took over 7 months to return but it returned to about 85%. Just be patient, positive and take your vitamin D.