Optic Neuritis return experiences

Morning I had O/N in Oct/Nov last year shortly before dx. It was in my left eye and sorted itself within about 10 days. I’ve woken up this morning with the same blurred spot and eye pain, this time in my right eye. It may well just be misbehaving and sort itself by the end of the day. If not will ring and notify MS Nurse tomoz. Question I have is…I know it can return but I’m just taken aback at how quickly. Could it be that the nerve has been being damaged over a period of time, only now resulting in obvious symptoms? I’ve tried reading info but found nothing on the speed of relapses. Just wanted to see if you guys had any experiences to share? Thanks L x

My relapses were in march 2013 (optical neuritis), April 2013 and January 2014 (both sensory). As far as I know, the nerve damage is in your spine and or brain, once there’s damage it’s permanent and causes relapses at any time.


i had on in my right eye-several weeks later it returned to normal with no treatment. 18 months ago i lost sight completely in my right eye-had steroids and today its still useless-i cant distinguish colour and its like looking through thick greaseproof paper. there seems to be no reason/pattern for me.

i would let someone know whats happening even if just to keep ur records up to date.

take care, ellie