Optic Neuritis

I’m looking for some help. About two years ago I suddenly lost most of the vision in my right eye and was found to have optic neuritis - I was treated in hospital with IV Steriods and a titrated dose on discharge. I had MRI of brain and orbits, various blood tests, lumbar puncture and MRI of Spine. The IV steriods did not speed up my recovery as hoped and it was a slow journey - after a while the black spot in my eye was replaced with flashing lights which appeared to be in both eyes. After a year my vision had returned to normal - I had another MRI a year later and neurologist wrote to me to advise that MRI was reassuringly normal and there was no evidence of demylination and discharged me back to ophthalmologist for regular check ups. They wrote it up as a one off and I went back to normal. Until…

Around 4 weeks ago while driving home I noticed a familiar sensation in my left eye and once I had parked up noticed that the vision was gone in my left eye. Que another trip to the ophthalmologist who confirmed optic neuritis. Since I live 75 miles from the main hospital she consulted with the neurologist who advised a wait and see approach and not to treat with IV steriods (due to the poor effect last time). They arranged a head and orbits MRI which I had a week past on Thursday and have an appointment with ophthalmology on 16.6.15. Since Friday I have noticed a deterioration in my vision in my right eye and can only describe it as patchy vision with some of the field missing.

I am wondering if anyone who has had optic neuritis in the past had an effect on the other eye a few weeks after the initial onset in the first eye. Understandably I am becoming frustrated and getting a little fed up.

The first thing that lead me to my RrMS diagnosis was the repeated optic neuritis sessions…

And for me it twice was a left eye but causing effects to the right eye after two weeks or so .

I always find colour loss starts after a huge headache and the eye pain starts a few days after leading to grey centre of vision and then almost no vision in one eye … Then a week or two later the spots and dots flash between eyes .

who knows if it’s the eye or the brain that provides this sensation , it may have some mixed sensory input causing what seems like my right eye is heading the same way as my left .

i have had optic neuritis 5 times on record and I have had RrMS for about 7 years now . I’m using copaxone and actually it may have worked as I have not had a full blown body disabling mind switching relapse for almost 2 years . I do have some pretty hardcore symptoms though so I’m far from okay now !!

hope my comment has helped .good luck .

Thank you for your comment- I’ve managed to get an appointment with ophthalmology tomorrow! I have been fairly lucky so far that it appears to be painless with exception of the extreme tired feeling in my eyes after a few hours! I’m hoping there might be some more answers tomorrow! Thank you again