Optic neuritis

Just a quick question .Ive had double and blurry vision since december.

The last few days every now and then ive had little black bits floating around ,and loads of flashy lines when i look up .

It only started today but ive had a sharp, sort of stabbing pain ,it feels like its behind my right eye .Its only happened a few times .

I was at the docs this morning, as she wanted to see me .She said about my eyes ,that i will have to wait until i see my neuro in a couple of weeks when he is back from his holiday .

Does this sound like optic neuritis? i saw an optician a few weeks ago for a basic eye test but they didnt mention anything .There was no mention of anything on  mri either ?

It seems to be getting worse and i feel so dizzy and light headed :(

Sam x

I'm assuming from what you've said that you have an appointment for a couple of weeks?

Either way, neurologists are not experts in vision: it's best to see an ophthalmologist.

Maybe try your GP again and ask for a referral? Black bits sound like floaters and flashing lights when you look up could be a few things including non-serious things, but the two together could mean a retinal detachment or something like that - in which case, you need to see an expert and not wait. Vision is precious - if your GP won't help, ask your optician - they can refer too I think.

Karen x


Thanks Karen :)

The neuros secretary is going to contact me with an appointment for the week hes due back .Dont understand why she cant just book it now !

I dont seem to get the eye probs at the same time .This morning ive got the double vision and fuzzy in the distance .I just feel so dizzy .

Ill ring docs and see if she will refer me to a. ophthalmologist.

Nothing to do with eyes but ,I got a phone call yesterday and a neuro surgeon wants to see me on monday about my prolapsed disc .Im still hoping all my symtoms are down to that, but ive been told its unlikely .

Sam x


Hi Sami,


I say this with tongue in cheek but it very possible is ON; see


I’m surprised this did not show on your MRI; I’m guessing you had one done of the brain?  Obviously; which I doubt; if it was just of the spine it would not show.


An optician would not be able to see a lesion on your optic nerve but don’t worry your ophthalmologist will be able to run a Visual Evoked Potential test; completely harmless.





Thanks George :)

Ill give my doctor a call and see if she can refer me to a ophthalmologist.Wonder how long that will take .I hate all this waiting around :(

Sam x

hey Hun…your eye probs def need looking at now as Karen suggest…and the MRI wouldn’t necessarily show unless they did the optic nerve or eyes themselves…and it depends if it was present when you had the MRI. I have had ON too and can echo the sharpe stabbing pain behind eye…could bea number of things so see what gp says and optition can refer you if gp doesn’t and neuro can check your pupil reaction which is evident in ON as in it’s not normal…but they cannot dilate your pupils and look at the back of eye not can an optition… the dizziness could well be your brain trying to adjust to the visual changes. and I have vertigo which came back big time during the ON …do you have any colour fading ? ie do colours seem dull or washed out ESP reds and greens? this is not always with ON but can be…I had this too and still have to a degree…please get it checked out soon as because if it’s not On could be something that needs attention now…if all else fails go to your local A&E where you can see an eye dr who will refer you in any case…


I had the double vision and my right eye stopped Moving outwards so went straight to optitions who sent me straight to our local Eye hospital was in for 2 days and had a lumber punch as i had already had a head and neck mri and shown norhing. You should def seak advice straight away. With the help of steroids my eyes now moving 2 weeks later and double vision improving slowly.

Best wishes Kirsty x

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
I saw an optician about 4 weeks ago . They just tried to sell me some glasses. I must admit I didn’t tell them about any symptoms other than the double vision . So would she of spotted something then ? If there was something to spot
From Sam x

There are only two procedures that can see if there is inflamation/damage/lesion on your optic nerve; an MRI and a test called a Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) both are harmless.


The MRI is just noisey and the VEP is looking at squares on a TV screen with electrodes stuck to your head.  Both procedures cannot be done at an opticean's; I don't think they can tell by looking in the eye if there's a problem on the optic nerve.



Oh ok thanks George :) im seeing my neuro in 10 days so maybe he will send me for one then

Sam x

hey again…def worth getting to see an eye neuro…a neuro can look at your eyes Hun…but he can’t diagnose ON you need your pupils dilating…I do think it would be best as Karen says to get checked out ASAP and before you se the neuro…your option would not be able to tell if ON but a classic sign of On is abnormal pupil reaction to light…and they could certainly test you for that and that in itself with your other symptoms means they could refer you to an eye department either you local A&E or eye centre if you have one…as Karen says you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist above anone else…

Hello Sam,

I would just like to agree with Karen, it sounds as though you have floaters (had them myself) and if you are seeing lights as well, DO NOT wait. Go to an eye hospital A/E straight away.



The flashing lights have gone now .Im now left with black floaters ,fuzzy vision ,my eyes ache ,and twitching in one eye .

I saw the doctor on weds and she said to go home and drink lots of water ,just incase the retina was detaching .She said it has nothing to do with my other symptoms apparently .

Just had enough of feeling so dizzy all the time :( Think ill book an app at an opticians .Just have no enthusiasm to do anything at the moment as i cant drive at the moment with my eyes like this .

Sam x