optic neuritis? who do i see?

Hi all, I am undiagnosed but have many symptoms that are the same as m.s. I’ve noticed how badly my eyes are at present. I have real dull aches behind both eyes, and cannot tolerate sun light. When I move my eyes it actually hurts, I spend a lit of time with my eyes closed. Last night I lost vision in my right eye, I can only described it a thumb print or cloudy grey film over my eye and couldn’t see it out if it?. It lasted first a few hours n then I fell asleep, it was fine again this morning, but the aches are still there and some slight bluriness. Could this be O.N, if so, whose the best person to see, g.p or optician? Thanks guys.

I have this too, sometimes accompanied by neck pain. Vision for me is very light sensitive, and slightly blurred round the edges, although blurred doesn’t feel like the right word.

Melnic - If you go to an optician they might refer you to your GP anyway. I’ve just been today as my GP has referred me to a neurologist and asked me to get a hearing test, focussing on my dizziness symptom. I decided to get my wobbly eyes checked myself. That came back normal - one more puzzle piece of info for the neuro! My advice - see both!

I would see optician. I have had this twice and no cause found A

Hi I’ve just come back from seeing doctor at assessment clinic who noticed some problem with my eyes. She said if it got worse to go to eye casualty - do you have one nearby that you could go to?

Hi Guys, Thanks first your advice xxx Quick up date: Went to opticians this afternoon, she suspects optic neuritis and said my left eye was quite bad, although it wasn’t a matter of urgency, she rang and faxed over the details of my eye exam to my G.P who now had to refer me to an eye specialist at our local hospital,I guess one thing this may help now with a diagnosis or at least a step closer to an answer , I hoping! I does anyone know what will happen? As I’ve never seen an eye specialist, I may post a separate questions Thanks again


For me they did a few tests, I think these are pretty standard for ON -

*general sight test

*test for clour vision (you look at pictures made up of coloured dots… they ask you what you see… - I think they are checking if you can see colour properly, esp red, green, blue)

    • looked into eye with opthalmoscope (to look at nerves at back of eye - they can see whether or not the nerves have been damaged;

*visual field testing - you look at a computer screen (one eye at a time, they cover your other eye) and random dots flash on the screen. you have to press a button on a joystick thing everytime the dots appear. It doesnt take too long, isn’t a bother at all. I dont think this tests for ON specifically but does show you have problems with visual field.

*visual evoked potentials (VEP) - again, not a bother at all, takes about 20 mins - they put electrodes on your head then ask you to look at a checkerboard pattern on a tv screen (again, one eye at a time, they cover the other eye).

hope this helps x