Who is best to see about eye problems

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently going for a second opinion to neurology, but have had a lot of eye symptoms since the referral was made.

I don’t want to go to my gp as he’s not really in my corner. So I was thinking of seeing an eye specialist to see what they say, so that once the neuro appt comes through i’ll have another piece of evidence as such.

Do I see an opthamologist? Do they diagnose optic neuritis or is that the neuro? (Not saying I have it, but I have lots of signs.) I’m happy to pay to see a private doc. Or do I go to the opticians?

No idea about eye stuff. Thanks!

When I seen a gp about getting referred to Neuro and mentioned my vision problems and the gp wanted me to see an optician before my Neuro appointment but the optician didn’t find anything wrong when I seen the Neuro he said I could have optic neuritis although he never done any physical examination he just ordered an mri so I don’t know if there able to see it on the mri