Hello again

I am waiting for my neuro scan in July and would just like to ask, in the meantime is it a good idea to go to the opticians fo an eye test/new glasses or sould I wait as I have been doing. Everyne tells me my optic neuritis is very unlikly to be caused by anything to do with my glasses, but I don’t know if I should go as I need new ones anyway, or wait. Anyone dealt with this ad know what’s the right way to deal wth opticians whe you have these symptoms?

Thanks as ever for any help.


I can’t see any reason for you not to go. Your eyes are so important, so it’s worth going to optician for regular check ups, espcially if you have had ON.

It was actually my optician that first suspected ON (after I had been turned away by 2 Ophthalmologists). I returned to him a few months later just to get my eyes checked out once things had mostly improved.

If it will put you at ease a little, then go

PG xx