optic neuritis??

hi again all- I’ve had symptoms on and off for around 3 yrs, nothing showing on mri or lp.Last tests done around 2 yrs ago though so thinking somethingmay have changed. Since then things getting much worse and tingling spreading to face and tongue. Also been referred to hospital from optom who thinks i have optic neuritis.Anyone know what the hospital will do about his - if anything?

I dont have a neuro apt till end of oct- after chasing it finally last week and being told they had forgotten about me!Maybe I nned to shout a little more, I’ve been back and for to gps for last 18mth but assumed this waiting was normal.

Really getting down with it all now and want to get something clear. Finding it really hard to work , feel exhausted most of time, especially worse when I feel hot;which is a lot of the time.Finding myself really moody with kids and husband.Driving is hard as cannot grip wheel properly .

Anyway- sorry for moan!!

Re. optic neuritis (ON). I guess they will do vision tests. An acuity test like an optometrist, colour vision tests, shine a torch in your eyes and possibly look look at back of your eye(s) - most likely with a big device with a chin and forehead rest rather than a hand held device that optometerists and GPs usually use. Field of vision tests are likely too. Probably with a white light and also with a coloured light.

The light shining is to check how your pupils react. The normal (unconsciousness reaction) is that both pupils constrict when a bright light is shone in either. A different reaction indicates less signal is getting down the optic nerve.

Visual evoked potential (VEP) tests are also done to investigate ON where they attach sensors to your scalp and show changing images to measure how signals from the eyes get to vision centres in the brain. I don’t know if opthlmologists do VEPs - it may be just neurologists .

If the optalmologists confirm optic neuritis that will propably spur on the neurologists.

Anyway, don’t be sorry about moaning - this is the right place.

I had optic neuritis a couple of years ago - overnight I went blind (well I did have some light perception). They did the above tests (except VEP) and took blood samples for blood tests to look for an explanation (found nothing). Last autumn I was lethargic/tired and a bit staggery and that didn’t fade but got worse and I was tested for thyroid problems and anaemia. Then a weak hand/arm and numb patch on my scalp got me referred to neurologist (appointment next week). The lethargy/tiredness and left arm and leg got worse in June but the arm and leg is getting better. Even so, when things get difficult it is hard not to get testy.

I hope you get some answers soon!

thanks- got soem idea of what they may do now, I just hate the not knowing!

Hard isn’t it withiut any answers to your questions. Your symptoms sound similar to mine,