Optic Neuritis

Hi Everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. I have now done a lot of research and reading into it and (for obvious reasons) it has led me here.

Upon diagnosis, I have not received any advice from the Opthalmologist. They have also advised me that they do not intend to perform any kind of investigation into the cause of my ON. I feel so worried about what may be in store for me.

I just wondered if anyone could tell me whether it is “normal” not to be referred for MRI/Blood tests etc? I don’t want to waste the time or money of the NHS, so if it is standard procedure not to investigate then I can move past this and hope that my vision returns to normal as soon as possible.

I am 27, female and generally feel in good health. Perhaps this is why there has been no further investigation planned, although they didn’t enquire about my general health at the appointment.

Any advice anyone can give me would be enormously appreciated. Many thanks in advance