Red eyes

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me intruding on your forum. I’m currently undiagnosed and would appreciate any advice. I’ve been having a few strange things going on with my vision (and other things) but judging by what I’ve read about optic neuritis it doesn’t seem like it could be that. I’ve had annoying floaters for a few years which I know is quite common. Recently these have been getting worse and now it looks like I’m looking through a veil or net curtains. I started with eye pain a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was a stye ( had a couple over the last few years) however no stye appeared. Also both eyes are extremely red closest to my nose. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or am I worrying needlessly? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

There’s no need to apologise for posting here. If you are worried about your eyes, the best thing to do initially is see an optician. They can see the optic nerve and hence tell if there’s anything wrong neurologically.

Your eyes are so important, don’t muck about with them, it’s easy to get a sight test.


Thank you for the reply sue, I’ve had a few experiences with opticians over the years and they’ve just wanted to sell me the most expensive glasses. I’ve been using reading glasses from poundstretcher (£1.99) and they’ve done the job fine. I was just wondering if optic neuritis makes your eyes go red? If not then I can stop worrying about that. Had lots of tests so far all negative. Limbo sucks! Xx

see your gp and get it noted on your medical records. (important if you end up seeing a neuro) then the optician. you don’t HAVE to buy specs, you can just ask for advice.

Thanks for the advice. I didn’t know that an optician would be able to see the optic nerve. I’ve seen a neurologist twice and have had lots of tests but nothing has shown up yet. I’ll go see an optician asap.

Also, my gp has referred me for a spine mri. This was 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know how long I’ll have to wait for this? Thanks