eyes :(

hi all, so after going to see my Optician this afternoon she was concerned that it maybe yet another bout of ON (Last 1 being 5yrs ago) but she was reluctant to give a deffenate yay or ney on the matter but wanted to write to my Neuro, not poss atm as I’m still waiting for my referral appointment to come through :frowning: She writing to my GP instead to voice her concerns over the colour difference between the eyes, not entirely sure what this means fore tho :frowning: I’ve been told to try n carry on managing the pain best I can unless it gets too much then go back to see the doc Just want this flipping Neuro app to come the other at least I’d have a consultants name grrr sorry I’ve stopped ranting now just needed to get it off my chest Also hoping some of u lovely lot can help shed some light on the colour difference thing "/ Thanx Lou :slight_smile:

I would guess that she means your optic discs are different (ON can make the optic disc paler than normal).

It would be sensible to see an ophthalmologist to get it checked properly. Your GP can refer you. You could also ask your GP for neuropathic painkillers.

I hope the appointment comes through soon!

Karen x

Thanx Karen The optician dint really explain what she was fully thinking because she didn’t want to worry me (poss) unnecessaryly I guess I trust her fully as it was her that help me thro the last time I had it If it gets to bad with the pain I will def be going back to my GP Thanx again Karen :slight_smile: Just something else to add to the list I guess lol :slight_smile: