optician appt

Well still waiting for a neuro appt so went for an eye check today to see if they could find any visual problems for me falling more, poor balance etc. Basically no change in my prescription, no neuritis, back of my eye is a funny shape but that was noted 3yrs ago and no change, visual field fine. What he did find however us when he got me to focus on an object and follow to left and right corners up and down I had a lag as though one eye was playing catch up (I noticed I kept seeing double). He said this is a neuro prob not a problem with my eyes and is going to write a report for me to take to neuro but find out date as he thinks I should be seen sooner rather than later. Had hoped he’d say it was my glasses needed changing

How funny, I booked an eye appt today to check out my vision before I see the neuro. Obviously the day for it! At least he has noted something and will be more info for your neuro appt. Keep smiling and try not to worry too much.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon it must be the day for it lol. Thought I’d be prepared for if neuro asked if I’d had a recent eye test stupidly didn’t expect him to say I had a neuro problem causing odd eye movement! Pah last time I have a good idea.Saw yyour ssymptoms a lot of them are the same as mine, I lost my phone and found it in the bin outside but had no recollection of going out there even. Hey ho. Let me know how you get on Xx

I know that feeling. Couldn’t find my phone yesterday. Panicked as I thought my eldest had picked mine up by mistake and gone to school with it. Decided to ring it to check, only to find I had put it on charge! My kids find my mistakes hilarious, especially when they see me putting food in the bin and the wrappers back in the cupboard :slight_smile: Got to keep laughing over it or we would end up flooding the place out! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you informed and keep me posted as to how you are getting on


Phoned up neuro got passed from pillar to post eventually spoke to someone who said that appt dept still has my referral letter and she doesn’t think an appt has been made yet but it will probably be Sept. Gp surgery have told me to phone them tomorrow when I have letter from optician to see if they think it needs a more urgent appt.

Hi, i`ve got my eye test tomorrow.

Optician always gives me an extra close test incase of any possible problems.

I fancy some red and black specs, to go with my red and black hair!


Oh no, hope you have more luck tomorrow. Let’s hope they push for a quicker appt.

Poll, red and black sounds great! :slight_smile:


I hope so too Sharon. Red and black specs sound very cool I have tortoise shell vogue ones but quite fancy a change lol X