neurology referal

Hey everyone…hope you are all ok and enjoying the weather…

My wonderful gp has done referal to a neurologyst, he deals with MS/Parkinsons and epilepsy as well as whiplash injury and headaches. Wo fingers crossed i wont have to wait too long. Still waiing for my physio appt re my shoulder…stil playing up 4 wks on…hohum

Back to eye neuros this fri…eyes much the same re vision/colour etc…and those funny eye movements…blurred vision…only improvement so far after 9wks is my eyes are less heavy and painful…but left eye still lazy…and cant look left with my left eye without allot of discomfort, eyes start watering on eye movements…and focussing is hard still…so been on here much…will be interesting what they say…having field vision test and full opthalmic tests before seing the bigwigs…

em x

Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the neuro!

Fingers crossed for a speedy consultation!

Karen x

Thanks Karen and Chris, luckily he works at the local private hospital but takes NHS referals…so hoping the list there wont be as long as the main NHS ones…so fingers crossed…


Oh dear Em it sounds like you’re really struggling with your eyes. Hope you get some answers this friday.

Best wishes



I was going to pm you this morning as you hadnt been around for a while.Hopefully they can do something for you soon.

All the best and stay safe


All the very best Em xxxxxxx

Thanks reemz, kizzy and Pip…still here…lol

Well eye neuro appt today…not straight forward but…

Mri brain scan-clear re ON inflamation. They said there were some white matter blobs but didnt say where or how many…they think age related. Confirmed optic neuritis but NOT the type associated with MS. So good news…

Eyes… vision is a little improved, def below what is needed for driving, even if i had refractive erros corrected, would only just be legal to drive. So have advised no driving yet. boohoo… seems my existing lazy right eye has become worse over the last 2 yrs or so…but then the ON caused vision loss inleft eye and the oscillopsia came poss before i noticed the vision loss/colour fading etc… which then made my left eye lazy and my right one not…my brain is trying to make best sense of the vision decline…etc…

Eyes are a bit dry this week but no surface pitting…but the light sensitivity has been there for 3 wks…you should have seen my eyes pouring with tears after they looked in the back of them with the slit not nice at all.

they want to monitor me and re see in 4 wks…they were quite open that they dont yet know the cause of all these problems and coupled with my existing very sgort sightedness,astigmatism am not a straight forward case by any means…clearly there is a neurological prob but they feel over time it may become clearer as to what it is…but until then it wait and see as they cant offer any treatment etc until they know the cause…also some sort of structural? deficiency in left eye but didnt catch what he said as my eyes were too busy stinging!! lol

so a positive day…in many ways…

E xx

ooh forgot to add…that letter my gp sent to eye consultant…well it never got to the consultant…ok so they secretary if off sick but there was cover…and the consultant today was miffed as any letters or faxes from gp are supposed to be given by hand from secretary to dr…and that didnt happen…hence no earlier appt!! thats pants…for me and any patients wh have proactive gps!! lol

Hey Em

It sounds like you had a good review :slight_smile: Even though they didn’t have answers. Not everything is known about every condition and I can understand that sometimes they have to wait and see -the fact they’re honest about this is good though, so many doctors aren’t and try to brush you off.

Hope you get some answers or things get better soon. Does sounds like you’ve got quiet a complicated history but hopefully you get back to driving standard VA.

Here’s to staying positive



ps: made me smile after the day I’ve had with my neuro. At least there are some good doctors out there.

Thanks Reemz and Gok…cheers…yep a good day all in all…just need to wait for neuro referal now…and once I have been checked over etc…will be able to sigh a full sigh of relief…just a little one today…but its a step in the right direction…re poss MS…not sure on that at all…keeping an open mind on that one( re my other probs aside from eyes…)…getting on with things best i can and staying positove…x