Neuro....again :(

Hi all It’s been a while but following no new lesions on my last MRI the neuro sent ,e away to see if exercise would help…he suggested it may be muscoskeletal… Well had to email him last week as felt awful for few weeks now… Extreme fatigue…no energy to do anything and getting up was a struggle…felt like I had run a marathon as muscles felt weak…all down right side Face, hand and leg numbness worse…can hardly hold cup… Crushing back ache around bra strap area which doesn’t ease with anything I have tried… Forgetfulness and stopping mid sentence as can’t remember… Double vision…had eyesight checked and apart from slight paling on back of eye…all okay… Seeing him Tuesday morning for full check up as he thinks maybe we missed something lol Kate Xx

I am really sorry to hear that you’re feeling crap again Kate :frowning: Did you have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist because an optician isn’t best placed to check neurological causes of vision problems? I hope the neuro is helpful tomorrow. Do tell him about the paler back of your eye - it doesn’t sound like much, but is a clinical sign of vision problems. Good luck! Karen x

Hi Karen Thanks for the reply.,.it was optician that checked eyes…would it be them that refer me or GP…to opthamologist? Really hope get some headway tomorrow…he did say last time they have to rule something’s out by elimination and now we have done that so fingers crossed… Will let you know Kate Xx

Either I think re the referral, so maybe opt for whatever’s quickest. The neuro can probably do it too mind you, so maybe just ask him.

Good luck!


Hi again… Saw neuro who was very understanding, checked out my eye and said not to worry and after some more nerve…muscle tests he is arranging for spine MRI as he in the dark…says maybe he was to sure of himself before but won’t say anything til get the MRI so bit more waiting involved… Kate Xx

Thats good Kate - at least the neuro is taking your symptoms seriously. Hope you manage to get some answers.



More tests is a very good sign that he’s taking you seriously. Fingers crossed that they shed some light.


Thanks both…he was very patient and listened to everything I said, said he may have been a bit too quick to state muscoskeletal last time and he will see me as soon as MRI report done…he is a good un Kate X