Do not want to high jack someone else post.

So thought I would start again.

I asked if a poster had had a full eye test as suffering from migraines.

I went for eye test only to be told left pupil. Smaller than right, squint changed direction and eyelid dropping. Had have double and blurred vision aswell as headaches and migraine. Optician seemed pleased I was on waiting list for MRI but wanted me to see an eye specialist aswell, appointment in 2 weeks.

Saw Neuro, who could not see eye droppying , it does come and go.

Waiting to have brain and spine MRI, lost use of left arm, now got some movement back, pins and needles in arms and fingers, unable to grip, dropping stuff, mega brain fog. Restless legs and fatigue, heavy arms and legs. Bladder problems, better now on decaff.

Had loads of blood test, nerve conduction study to rule out carpel tunnel, thyroid tests, everything normal but bloods show auto immune problem.

Saw Rheumatoligst who said I had Raynards but also something else? Suggested MRI and for me to see Neuro. Thought it might be Lupus, but bloods said no.

When I saw optician I asked about Optical neuritis, my dad had it, he said no, he did not want to comment, but when pushed he said maybe Horners. Another poster has said maybe third nerve plasy?

Seem to be going from one appointment to the next, with no one wanting to comit themselves to anything.

Thought Rheumotogist and Gp had referred me for MRI, but when I saw Neuro, nearly 3 weeks ago he said it was him who had to refer me. He said he wanted to do an MRI first before a lumbar puncture to rule out MS. He put me on beta blockers to try and help with headaches.

So to go on, just feel like I am going mad and that bits of me are going wrong, one by one!

Hi Apple Pad, it does feel like a never-ending round of appointments and no answers! Awful for you.

But keep in mind that you have now been referred for the MRI and possibly for LP. This is exactly what you need to possibly confirm MS, or as neuro said, to maybe rule it out so they can think of what else the problem might be.

I know only too well how frustrating it all is and how it all takes ages... but you are on the right track, so try and take it 'one day at a time'. 

Hope you get an MRI and some answers very soon,

Pat x

Hi Apple Ipad - the droopy lid, large pupil and change in squint could be a third cranial nerve palsy ( the third nerve supplies the lid, the pupils and 4 out of 6 of the eye muscles). Thats not to say that you can't have more than one thing happening as well. You maybe getting blurring if your pupil isn't correct also (but please  remember I'm not a eye specialist I'm only going off my small amount of knowledge).

I'm pleased you're being investigated and due for an MRI and also that your review in the eye clinic is in two weeks. The ophthalmologists would be likely to send you for an MRI if the neuro already hadn't but they can obviously give you a better idea of the diagnosius and you can see an eye specialist who deals with eye movements and squints in particular.

It certainly is strange for a squint to change direction so it warrants investigating.

Raynauds can accompany MS as well as migraines. There is a medical theory called occum's razor where all medical conditions are linked by one factor (saying that someone called hickums dictum proved the opposite is true also). Where do they get these names? Frustrating though it is seeing so many people with no definite idea of cause its positive they're seeing you taking you seriously and you're being investigated.

Wishing you the best of luck



Just seen that another optician in a nearby town does, Digital retina imaging.

Anyone had this done?

Looks like a photo of the back of your eye, do you think it would be worth getting one done?

The photo is useful if you're diabetic or as just a baseline to show the back of the eye and in particularly the optic nerve is normal so that if something does change you have a comparison.

Hope that helps