So fed up!!

I had consultation yesterday. Was hoping to get dx but nothing showed on head MRI so he is sending off for a second opinion !!( I know I should be cgrateful really) I thought optician could help with eyes as I still have double vision but no they have referred me to the hospital opthalmist which my consultant was going to do next visit. But so fed I I thought I was moving forward emotionally but this has just pushed me over again !! I think if I could see one imagine it would help. Sorry for moaning x x

So sorry that it didn’t get you any answers

I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but in a weird way, a negative is still step forward because it helps to narrow the possibilities. Plus, if this neuro is sending you to see someone else, it must be someone better so that in itself is quite positive.

Clutching at straws a wee bit maybe, but they’re still looking, so with any luck it won’t be too much longer until they find the answer.


Karen x

Hi, I began seeing neuros way back in 1999. Every time I had a test, it came back normal. Like you, I was desperate to find a name for my problems.

ive seen 13 neuros in 14 yrs. Im not suggesting this may happen to you, but there are others who have been without a dx for years.

Between 2003 - 2010 i was left with a 95% diagnosis of PPMS. I accepted this and slotted it into my life.

Then some different numpty neuro upset my world by saying I didn`t have MS, but HSP…been back to PPMS…and HSP again.

I hope you don`t get messed around like I have.

luv Pollx

Thanks you. I know i should be bit more positive with my symptoms of pins and needles numbness eye problems. Funny buzzy feeling up spine and legs and bum , my neuro is saying mild ms but with negative Lp no lesions on head and one small lesion on spine it’s not looking likely until something happens again. Let’s hope who ever relooks at MRI sees something more! Can’t believe I am wishing for there to be something there really. I did think with my eyes being affected that something would show up on MRI ? But I certainly am no doctor:)) Kirsty x x

hi kirsty

i may be the first to comment on your neuros dx of MILD MS…but from what i’ve read and asked about there seems to be no such thing as mild ms…i started off like you in sept 2010 with 1 lesion on spine but i did have a positive LP and had a def dx this march…

really hope you get some good news regarding symptoms

but even if it does turn out to be you know what then you will find this site is invaluable for info,advice and support

take care


Hi Baz, Lol I know there is no such thing he just didn’t know what to say to me !!! I think because of the classic symptoms and the small lesion on spine he was stumped not to see anything on brain as I have had eye probs, and still having double vision. Oh well it’s just a waiting game I guess u til something else happens x