any info gladly received!

hi folks,finding this all very useful,thanks. I’ve suspected my symptoms could be ms for a number of years,balance,eye pain,numbness,tingling burning feet ms hug cognitive defecit-am still trying to coax my gp into a neuro referall-seems the nhs are reticent to refer in the current climate but I will fight on! At least I now know where to come for info-Rizzo-and entertainment from mikey and his ldn stories!

Hi freespirit, terrible that you are having to fight for a referal ! Any chance of seeing another doctor in the same practice, or changing to another practice?

Have you seen an optician about the eye pain? If you had a dx of ON (optic neuritis and fairly common in MS) that might force the doctor to refer.

Well anyway it’s nice to have you on here and hope you can get a referal soon.

Pat x

Hello and welcome to the site

Not just me for info - I don’t know everything after all! But whatever the topic, there’s always someone who can help on here - it’s a brilliant community

Good luck with persuading your GP!

Karen x

Thankyou for the lovely welcome!

Tuesday am is the long awaited gp appointment to see if I can get somewhere with a neuro referall. I have already been dx with fibro and cfs and something unspecified they call “post interferon syndrome” after enduring a 6 month course of peg interferon to (successfully) clear hepatitis c 7 years ago but I think there’s more to it as some of my symptoms came before the treatment.So as you can imagine it’s all become blurred into each other-it’s taken me 4 years to put it together and I live with it all,they don’t! I haven’t seen anyone with my eye when it’s been painful as it totally incapacitates me and we live in a remote rural area with only one gp’s surgery and no hospital-not much choice! I also happen to live in Powys-the area with no MS nurse… xxx

Hello and welcome to the site. Hope you find a dc’ who will give you a referral to a neuro.

All best wishes



thanks Janet-after reading a post from Paula,I might just try a private neuro as the nhs round here is oh So slow!