Introducing me, hello :)

Hi, I’m Vanessa, 47, living in between Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, as yet undiagnosed.

I’m currently dealing with retro bulbar optic neuritis in my right eye which came on overnight Jan 28th and was diagnosed Feb 1st in eye clinic and confirmed by the consultant at Derby Royal on Feb 10th at which stage I was referred to neurology and for an MRI. Since then my notes have been lost and found and an additional referral has been raised by my gp.

My appointment for neurology is booked for 28th March at qmc Notts, no idea if an MRI has been requested too.

I’ve done a lot of reading on ms and symptoms and relapses and realise now that a lot of things I’ve ‘had’ in the past could be classed as relapses if I am indeed living with ms. I’m realising that only time (and confirmation from the neurologist) will tell!

I wanted to say hello and thank you to all the useful contributions and contributors on this forum, it’s been really helpful in what is a difficult time in limboland.

See you all on the boards!

Thanks again, please keep posting, it’s so helpful.

kind regards


Hi Vanessa

Welcome to the forum. Obviously it’s a club no one wants to join, but you are very welcome nonetheless.

As you have worked out from all the other posts, and the reading you’ve done, only a diagnosis by a neurologist can tell you whether you have MS or something else. It’s worth getting your GP to check your vitamin D and B12 levels in the meantime, as deficiencies of either of these can occasionally lead to MS like symptoms.

Let us all know if there is anything you want or need to know, someone will usually try and help if they can.


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I am sorry you have so much on your plate - it’s all a bit of a shock to the system, I know.

As your referral/paperwork has a chequered history already, I would strongly suggest being as firm as you need to be to understand exactly what’s what in terms of who has referred you to whom and for what and when. With NHS appointments (as with life), once something has veered off the rails once, it does have a strong tendency to stay off them!

Good luck.



Hello Vanessa,

thank you and welcome.

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Thanks sue, my bloods are done fairly regularly as I have an underactive thyroid and take a high dose of levothyroxine so we ran loads of tests when the optic neuritis first occurred as the initial diagnoser (?) thought it might be an auto immune response linked to my thyroid and then we ran more again with more detail when one of the T’s was out of whack. But D and B 12 both fine along with cholesterol and liver and sugars. It’s nice to be normal in something at least :smiley: one the second group of tests the T levels were all fine again so gp says that is not the route to take its most likely to be neuro. Blah

That’s a really good point Alison, thank you! I shall do just that!

Yes it is all a bit of a shock especially as I thought I had conjunctivitis to start with!

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