Hi, just joined and totally lost.

I’ve had ME for 13 years, so am familiar with the exhaustion and mental fog, as well as the total lack of interest from doctors.

Last week my right eye went a bit peculiar and I called my gp just to ask if it was something I needed to see her about. Got told to come down immediately, was slapped onto steroids that night. Next morning the local hospital phoned and said come in NOW (unheard of lol) - and I saw the eye consultant. Back to gp next morning and she says no eye problem but next step is an MRI scan. I cannot think of anything else that fits these symptoms other than MS, so I joined here to learn more. There seems to be a lot of common ground between ME and MS, so at least I’ve had plenty time to get my head round a possible diagnosis of MS.

I have two main questions… Is it common to be left without any firm diagnosis ? and what should I expect next? TY!

Hello fu, how are yer ? 1) yes, 2) take your pick. Like jamie and the magic torch, no 2 nights are the same. Ms affects everyone different. Vague answer, apologies, but soneone can goto wheels fairly sharp ish, some not at all. Take care of yourself, Andy

I have just joined the MS Society because my wife has been told today that she probably has got MS. It have come as quite a shock, she is only 57 and both of us are worried about the impact it will have on our lives and what the future holds for us. We need to find out how this disease manifests itself. Do the symptoms just get gradually worse to the point that the wheel chair is her only mobility? We are just at a lose of what to expect. Can any body who has experienced a similar situation tell us how to cope?

It would appear that the nearest branch is near Leatherhead, we live in Woking. Would love meet or correspond with local sufferers.



Thanks Carraboy :slight_smile: Hi Fraser, I live a wee bit remote so I won’t be joining any branches. I am not worried or getting meself into a state. I will read up on all I can find on MS and then look into diet and alternative health like supplements etc. Take it one thing at a time and deal with each problem as it arises. We will cope :slight_smile:

Check out some of the (sensible) posts by Paolo Smythe on everyday living forum. For all your drug needs… :wink: I’m drug free 19 years. (Only happy pills) mainly through emu tactics. I’ve largely ignored it. It’s only now I’ve joined here to check if yhe symptoms were just me. They weren’t. :smiley: ‘Wee bit remote’ . Is that down or up ? Or are you on some distant island somewhere drinking Lilt and eating marshmallows off an open fire ? :wink:

Fraser, how are yer ? Sorry about your wifes’ dx. It is a shock to everyone I think. I was 25 when the hammer fell for me. My philosophy is carry on doing your stuff till you can’t. It affects everyone differently, and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Just be there for her dude. It can be scary - the balance issue, headaches, eyes stuff, even more personal stuff. Any questions, ask on here. Everything gets discussed, nothings off limits. Most people have one or more of the t shirts. You can put your postcode in to see where your local ms group is. Take care of yourself, Andy

It’s more like up a Scottish hill hunched over a fire looking out at wet sheep ! lol

Hi Andy I’m OK now, am getting over the shock, life will change slowly from now on I presume as the disease progresses downwards. We are taking the view that we will cross each bridge when we get to it, however any guidance from any source as to what to expect to encounter would be appreciated. J (wife’s initial) is depressed, pissed off, fed up, grumpy, angry, and other understandable emotions. But ha ho, hubbies can take absorb it all. What did I say many years ago when we got married ’ for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ etc.

We have an appointment at St George’s Hospital in Tooting tomorrow (Wed) fpr further tests, let’s see what the results say.

Thank you Andy for your interest and advice, much appreciated at this, for us, a difficult time.


Best of luck for then, Andy.

Cool !!! :smiley: