Newbie and need advice please!

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and would be grateful for your advice. I am 42 and have been diagnosed at moorfields with on for the second time in the right eye. The last episode was 6 months ago. I am waiting to see the consultant but the last time he mentioned the link with ms but said an MRI was up to me. I declined as it was a one off, I hoped! Now that its back the doctor I saw at a&e moorfields said that the risk isn’t any higher but still it would be my choice for an MRI. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t have any other symptoms apart from, heat sensitivity, light flashes and back pain ( I have got 3 kids so could be that!) What would your advice be? I know the consultant will leave it to me. Also one other doctor told me I’m probably too old to have ms?? Any advice would be hugely appreciated Kind regards Xx

I am not sure if age has anything to do with and everyone has different simptoms. Firstly the MRI should not be up to you, personally I would have it done, may show nothing then great, if your fear is finding something then at least you will know.

They found a lesion on my brain but I am still in Limbo land without a diagnoses, its better to know then not and at least could start you on different meds.

Good luck

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: 42 is not too old to develop MS - it can happen at any time :frowning: ON is normally associated with MS, but there are several other causes including vitamin B12 deficiency, vascular conditions and genetic conditions and it can also occur on it’s own. Tbh, I don’t know what I would do in your position. I would definitely want to rule out B12 deficiency first I guess (blood test via GP). Would it satisfy me if that was positive? I’m not sure - I think I’d probably want a neuro to confirm it was B12 causing the ON which I guess would mean letting them do an MRI anyway. (Sorry, thinking as I type!) What’s the upside of seeing a neuro… If your ON is severe and it is MS, then you might be eligible for DMDs (disease modifying drugs) which can help reduce the number and severity of attacks. If your ON is not severe, then you probably won’t get DMDs, but you will get access to specialised help if you develop more symptoms. I guess another upside is that you’ll know where you stand diagnosis-wise and that will help with employers, insurance, explaining things to whoever, etc. And another possible benefit is that whatever’s causing your ON is treatable. The downside is the possibility of a label which, although helpful in some ways, can make others treat you differently (if you let them). Another possibility is entering the less than nice world of Limbo, IF the neuro can’t give you a diagnosis. Not sure if that would mentally be different to not seeing a neuro though. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision and there’s no right way to go. Good luck! Karen x

Thank you so much for your replies and advice. I have been to see my go and he is strongly recommending I have the MRI. I am still waiting to see the consultant but think ill have the MRI, at least then ill know! Thanks so much Tx