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Hi. I am a 58 year old female and 2 months ago suffered optical neuropathy that hasnt completely recovered. I had a MRI that shows significantly more lesions than a MRI I had in 2008 for muscle weakness and visual disturbances. A lumbar puncture and nerve studies were negative in 2008 so was given the all clear but never referred to a neurologist. The NHS wait now is months so I asked a private neurologist to review my MRI. He didnt even look at the films and decided by the written report that I am too old to have MS and too young for the lesions to be infarcts. I have had a few medical issues over the years, trapped nerves affecting my left side, anxiety and depression and now this optical issue. So my question is, am I barking up the wrong tree ?

You’re definitely not too old to be diagnosed with MS. I was diagnosed aged 66 and even with hindsight I’m pretty sure there were no symptoms before 2014 when I was 63.
Why not hold on for an NHS neurologist appointment or alternatively, if you can afford it, try a different private one.
Best of luck whatever you do. I hope you find answers.


There are some abysmal neurologists out there. Couldn’t be bothered to look at MRI scans, and thinks MS doesn’t show up after the age of 58. And took your money too.

I don’t have to deal with the NHS, but I went through several neurologists before finding one who’d take me seriously. I got told the too old/too young thing, too. Some doctors are just idiots. Keep fighting!

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You might be barking up the wrong neurologist, that’s for sure. I am sorry that you are struggling to get answers.