Emergency neurologist appointment

Been thinking I have more than just fibromyalgia n just had it in the back of my mind it could be MS so started writing a symptom diary last week n was going to book a apt with my doc to discuss bein referred to the neurologist but been havin a lot of blurry vision, double vision eye pain, so thought I’d see optician as I know as soon as I see my doc she will tell me to see the optician as not been for years. Well booked in for eye test today n my muscles take a while to focus n then she looked to the back of my eyes n she says my optical nerves are swollen, she took a pic n showed me on the screen n even I could tell. So she calls my doc to discuss it n then books me a emergency neurologist appointment for tomorrow. Google seems to bring up horror stories. So gonna see how things pan out for tomo. Pretty worried :frowning: think this is common with MS isn’t it? Has anyone else been urgently referred?

Hi pinkprincess I hope you’re holding up ok. I was referred emergantly to yhe stroke and Tia clinic from the opticians, where I found I had ms. Don’t go on google. It makes everything so much worse, just wait to see what your neuro will say, they’ll most likely need I run some more tests (: xxxxx

Yes exactly what happened to me double vision , won’t to optician who called my GP sent me to hospital for emergency MRI and neuro gave me results right away. It was done to rule out certain other conditions , got the all clear then they started looking for other things. 6 mths down the line and still awaiting DX PLEASE,PLEASE as others have said stay away from DR . Google Take care Gray x

Well had my urgent eye clinic apt today. Lots of eye tests drops n stuff n yes swollen optic disc. Then had blood pressure taken 191/135 so rushed to AnE. Blood pressure went down to 171/105. Had raised heart beat. Temperature. Tacicardic. Had bloods etc. well get to come home n tomo have to go n have a brain scan a lumber puncture. They haven’t mentioned MS but I know these are things to get a answer for MS but guess it could be anything. Bloody scary day. Victoria x

oh my God Victoria how terrifying for you. At least they are working quickly to get to the bottom of it and you should soon have an answer. Try and stay calm for blood pressure sake. All the best for tomorrow , let us all know how you get on x

Good luck with all the tests. At least you are having everything done and not having to wait months. Try not to worry too much in the meantime (easier said than done I know).

Gosg Victoria. You really are going through it!! Good luck with the tests today. Please try to relax. There is lots of advice on here about lumbar punctures. Let us know how you get on. Big hugs.


Hi, there I was diagnosed with hypertension 4 months after my first Major symptoms happened, I was rushed to A and E 4 times, only after I was admitted they realised I had fluctuating blood pressure. It was high, then normal and it just kept repeating this pattern. I was given bp tablets and beta blockers and my bp has been stable since. They thought this was the cause of the non epileptic seizures I was experiencing. However this has nothing really to do with my others symptoms, just yet another symptom that’s on my long list. They may send you for a kidney scan and should perform regular blood work if your hypertensive, I have mine now once a year. Best wishes

Thanks for the best wishes. So 3pm today had brain scan, then went off to AAU. Well good news is brain all clear, no tumours, blood clots or bleeding. So gd start. Now I’m not an emergency. So being referred to Neurology n have a lumber puncture n more tests. So still none the wiser. Got to take it easy over the wknd. I will see my doc on mon to see what to do about my high blood pressure. N see how long it is to see neurology. So yes pretty fun times atm. I have no idea what’s going on. Not sure if this is anything to do with fibro or possible having MS. But now I’m going to see neurology I guess I’m on the right track of mths worth of tests. To hopefully find out more answers. Victoria x

Hi Victoria

Glad you’re being referred to nheurology. As far as I know fibro doesn’t cause optic nerve swelling. so whether it is MS or something else you clearly need investigating. Waiting times to see aneuro vary between 1month and 3-4months roughly depending on the area you live in.

A lot of patients diagnosed with fibro do sometimes realise they have been misdiagnosed (just becuase enough signs haven’t been there) and later go on and get a MS diagnosis but conversely there are lots of other conditions that can look like MS so keep an open mind.

Good luck - hope the neuro review comes soon.



Iv got my apt on 3rd Dec. so about 2 months x

Just been re-reading your original post from Sept.

Glad the urgency was sorted.

December appointment makes it sound less urggent…but still concerning for you I know.

Has the eye sores/blurred vision gone yet?


Well think there hasn’t been very good communication with hosp n doc. When I went opticians she said she was sending me to neuro. But ending up being just the eye clinic. He then sent me to AnE but when I got there they had no idea why I was there. Then had ECG etc n the nurses didn’t even no I had problem with my eyes. They thought I just come in coz of my blood pressure. N the consultant didnt seem bothered that my blood pressure was 191/135, to me that is really high. Once I had MRI n went AAU the next day, they said I was suffering from headache n blurry vision, which I had never mentioned headache. So none of my other neuro symptoms were talked about. N they wouldn’t check my blood pressure coz it wasn’t written down for them to check. AnE said il need a lumber puncture but when I went to my doc the next day she said no dont think your need a lumber puncture as MRI was clear!! But consultant in AnE said if MRI is clear then I should have a lumber puncture n my doc said do I actually want to go neuro. Obviously I said yes. So she had just referred me as a normal referral as she doesn’t really know what happened at the hosp. I just can’t be bothered to push it, I’m too exhausted to fight it, so just going to wait till December. My eyes are no better still blurry on n off n get quite achy aswell. But not 24/7 so that’s good I guess. Really wish there was better communication between all the departments n my doc. x

Are you getting your blood pressure sorted as well? 191/135 is beyond really high, it’s deadly!

Unfortunately communication seems to be non-existent in a lot of the NHS these days… but I’m glad things are getting sorted- just very worried about that BP!!



Are you getting your blood pressure sorted as well? 191/135 is beyond really high, it’s deadly!

Unfortunately communication seems to be non-existent in a lot of the NHS these days… but I’m glad things are getting sorted- just very worried about that BP!!



Hey Well went to docs on the mon n it was 120/90 so she just said its fine now, she didn’t even seem bothered that it went that high. N she just let it go, I think I’m going to get a monitor myself n keep track of it. As melnic was sayin above hers goes up n down n unless I have mines regular checked I won’t know. But when I looked at any blood pressures online being that high its on the verge of a stroke or heart attack so not sure why there all just letting it go.

I have had a bp that high twice. Once with severe migraine that kept me in hospital for the day along with fast pulse. Second time was this year when I was seen at A&E following a fall and they wondered if I had a clot on my lubgs (!) because of it that scan clear and it settled over 24hrs so they just decided it was stress of fall. Axx

Yeh they not seem bothered apart from the eye clinic that were worried. In AnE they said I was tacicardic (how ever u spell it) lol but all just forgot about it

Another update got a letter from the hosp to say that my dec apt has been cancelled n I had to phone to rebook, obviously very annoyed so rang choose n book back n the hosp itself had cancelled it n brought it forward to 5th nov, so obviously neuro had got the apt n realised I need to be in sooner. So got less than 3 wks till apt now. I know once im in neuro it’s going to be a long road to get answers but least I don’t have so long to wait now. x

That’s great news, Pink…really pleased for you.