2nd neuro app on monday

Ive managed to get an earlier appointment with my neuro (monday instead of thurs)

So far ive had an mri ,no lesions found .Prolapsed disc in neck ,seen neurosurgeon and he said my symptoms are not because of that .Blood tests al came back fine .

This will be my 2nd app with my neuro .Im thinking he will want to do more tests.He has said to my doctor suspected ms.He thinks my symptoms go right back to when i lost my eyesight in one eye aged 15.So i could of had this 15 years .But ive never felt as bad as i do now .

Ive just got so many symptoms its driving me crazy.Do you think he will be able to give me anything ?They have got alot worse since i last saw him about 5 weeks ago .I wonder what im going to wake up with next .

Got my daughters sports day today for 1 1/2 hours ,dont know how im oing to stand up that long to be honest

Sam x



Hi Sam x hope sports day goes ok and your daughter wins them all! - but don't push yourself too much- take it easy xxjenxx

Hope your daughter does well. I'm sure she'll make you very proud. Try and relax - don't over do it for the next few days. Good luck for monday.