Help please - EYES

I have to see Neuro on sunday.

My drs letter states (amongst other things!)

" Marked blurring of superior margin left optic disc"

If anyone could explain this to me , I will be so grateful.

I always feel better if I know what the neuro is talking about rather than sitting and feeling like an idiot.

Thank you all

If I dont understand anything I google it and get geared up before any consultation. Do you have visual difficulties, have you had pain in that area. It could simply be there is evidence of some nerve damage you may not have been aware of.

Ask cyber space, its helped me lots.

Best wishes



Yes I have tried to google but am more confused!!

Perhaps I am dim!

I seem to have found the Optic disc is another word for Optic nerve(?)

I am having a slight blurring a bit like when one has conjunctivitis but without the yuk. No pain.

Could this be the first bout of Optic Neuritis ?

Its the word MARKED that worries me , I need to drive as i live in a very remote area. That said i have noticed a lack of confidence in the dark.

Thanks for your help it is so appreciated.