Urgent help before Sunday - please


I have to see Neuro on sunday.

My drs letter states (amongst other things!)

" Marked blurring of superior margin left optic disc"

If anyone could explain this to me , I will be so grateful.

I always feel better if I know what the neuro is talking about rather than sitting and feeling like an idiot.

I have to see Neuro on sunday.

Thank you all


The optic disc is the area where the optic nerve leaves the retina. It should look like a nice bright circle. If you google image "retina", you'll see what I mean.


It sounds like the upper edge of your left optic disc doesn't have a clean edge.


Karen x

Thank you Karen.

I have looked.

Dio you know what causes this?

Could it be optical neuritis , do you know?

Thank you so much

There are probably lots of causes - anything from atrophy or damage to abnormal cell growth I would guess. Optic neuritis is probably a possibility, but only an expert will be able to tell you. 


Good luck tomorrow.


Karen x

thanks, I will let you know how I get on.

Kind regards