Optic neuritis any one else?

I had optic neuritis in my left eye back in 1998 restored back to full vision after 12 weeks, howevr at the end of July this year I had what I can only describe as looking through a kaleidescope in the same eye! This lasted for about 4hrs, since then I appear to have the problem with colour distinction eg light colours look darker and very bright vivid colours look lighter, has anyone else ever experienced this?? I have had an eye exam with the opticians but they can’t find anything, so I’m now awaiting an appointment with the hospital!!

Babmi I went to my GP yesterday about my bladder and mentioned an odd headache at the same time.

My GP didn’t like the sound of my headache, could see nothing wrong with my eyes but insisted I go staight to eye hospital.

I spent 6 hours at the eye hospital yesterday and have UVEITIS and a course of treatment.

I went to opticians within last month and nothing found.

I had no idea you could damage/lose your sight from these illnesses, so although I am obviously feeling fairly crap right now I would get an urgent referral form your GP and go up as I did to eye A&E on the day.

Why risk your eyesight?

Gillian I totally agree, however my optician reffered it to my doctor yesterday and they rang me just now to say they have reffered me to hospital as an urgent patient, but guess what the system isn’t letting them book me in :frowning: pffft got to wait now!! I sometimes wonder about this system they use!! But then they have got rid of so many people within the NHS it’s no wonder the system is failng so many.

Ahhh well my GP sent me straight to A&E eye hospital and although I was up there for hours going through triage etc I was seen that day.

You cant help but wonder if it were their eyes…would they get seen at A&E?

Grrrr (sorry i think my soap box may have come out) x

That’s okay I’ve been on my soap box all week about one thing and another, think all the stress and worry fr om DWP & Atos may have aggrevated the attack!! x

yeah know what you mean, I got a load of forms to complete today but as I can’t see I shall see if my husband can squeeze it in…in between his full time job, the cooking, cleaning and shopping … lol Ah well it will keep him out of mischeif and I’m sure he will squeeze in some footie too xx

I got them at the begining of Sept & my sister filled them in as my husband was working away, I also got a letter f support from the medics, but they ave still placed me in the WRAG :frowning: can’tfunction day to day never mind hold a job down aswell. The system stinks!! My husband has sent them a letter as the form was very confusing and don’t even think they took into account all the additional coments we wrote!! Good luck with yours & make sure you do plenty of research 1st (wish I had) Xx

hi every one,

i m 30 years old and got the dx of rrms this year in jan. cut the long story short i had two relapses last month and then uro have given me course of the staroids for five days.on third day i start getting really strong double vision on my right eye wid the same vision i start seeing dark spot and diffrent t coulour holows in the same eye went to hospital they eddmitted me saying i m having an other relapse kept saying it to every one that my main concern is my vision but no body listen to me after having numbness in leg and anxiety attack at the same time they didnt let me go home.after returninng my vision problem is still there only dark spots disappeard after week but my vision is still same i still dont understand whts wrong wid my eyes.

now i know i am not alone i will wait for any advice on that please i know most of us suffer these symptoms whithout knowing the actual reason. sorry for long post but after reading what bambi ave wrote i thought its good to share what i am feeling aswell i will wait for what advice i could get.xx

Hi jana, I am so sorry you are having a rotten time of it.

From your post I think that no one checked your eyes whilst you were in hospital?

It was my GP that suspected I had eye problems yesterday and wrote a letter referring me to the eye hospital that day.

Are you able to see your GP? I think it is VERY important that if you are having visual problems an opthalmologist looks at them. At least they are eye experts and it will put your mind at rest.

I have not been diagnosed with ms but have received very good care from my GP.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Jana, Think that’s the worst of it the not knowing I’m still waiting for my appointment to go to the hospital. From what you have described in your post it sounds more like optic neuritis! I was 19 weeks before my vision fully returned and that was with having steroid Solu medrone. Hope you start to feel better soon xx

hi every one ,

thanks for replying yes bambi my neuro came to visit the ward he said it sound like an ON but after doing mri they cant find any evidence to link with and i was surprised to see that even though i have told them that my main concern is my vision but they seem to be more worried for my relapse. but anyways i am bit calm now as you have said the same thing, i do have appointment wid opthomolgist on 2nd nov, should i wait till then. xx

many thanks