Optic Neuritis help...

How does Optic Neuritis begin... and does it startr constant?

I keep randomly getting a funny experience with my left eye where things look a little unfocused.  Like when someone shines a bright light at youand you look away at something and your eye has to try to refocus and u can still see the light in your vision.  It only comes someimes for couple of hours and then goes awy again...

My optic neuritis came on gradually over about 48 hours, I thought I was going crazy! I went to a and e with mine as I didn’t know what else to do and I was scared!

My advice would be to contact your neuro or ms nurse first thing in the morning. Better to find out what’s going on as soon as you can x

It literally come and goes randomly... so I dont even know if t is ms... very odd.

I described it as looking into the sun then looking away, you see colours, they aren't directly blocking your vision they are sort of around your vision. Words blur randomly and while there are times of the day where it can be pretty bad sometimes it seems to go away completley and my vision is crystal clear.

I had optic neuritis last year with my initial relapse (many other symptoms too). it lasted for several weeks while they did tests to confirm it was ms and then I took 5 days of methylprednisolone 500mg a day (strong enough to make a horse happy). within a few days of being on those tablets my optic neuritis cleared up completely.

My vision isn't perfect but I don't have any problems focusing anymore and don't see colours now. I don't know if it ever becomes permanent but thankfully mine was not that time. Best mention it to your doctor or ms nurse and see if they can help you sort it out.

Hiya.. I would go to the eye A+E at the back of city hosp..I didnt even know they had an eye hospital there.They will be able to give you a proper examination especially when they know you have ms.

After having ON twice it is best to keep ontop of any eye problem.

Take care Pip

FrostPaw yeah its a bit ike even made me fish out my glasses lol but they didnt solve the problem though, although it was eaier to deal with.  Its not majorly intrusive and like i say i might not get it all day and then for just an hour in the evening... or i might have it for like 4 hours through the day and then ill realise its not there anymore... its odd.

Ive got first MS nurse appt Thursday so wil ask about it.  Yeah I had that exact cours of tablets given to me the day I was dXed... didnt affect me too much though, just a little touble sleeping near the last few days.

Pip I know Im overdue an optition app. anyway lol so might take a trip to Specsavers n see what they have to say lol


Hi, i was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis when i was 18 and i am now 50. Perhaps i am lucky beacause i have never lost vision in either eye. However i do get pain in both eyes one considerably worse than the other. Can last for a couple of hours or what seems forever.

Like other people have said either go to A&E or tell your MS nurse about  it and get in to see the neuro asap so that you can put your mind at rest.

Don't panic it will be ok.

Take care