Optics neuritis

I developed optics neuritis in mid Feb in right eye, I am now also experiencing changes in vision in left eye which is very frustrating because it is affecting my walking due to the fact that I can’t see well. Has anyone experienced this in both eyes at separate times but close together like this and can anyone tell me if this is 2 separate relapses or classed as 1? Also the eye that was first affected is quite uncomfortable now.

Technically anything that is spaced apart more than 30 days is classified as a separate relapse but it is difficult to tell.

You should contact your MS nurse to see if you are eligible for steroids which could shorten the duration of the relapse and help you improve your vision more quickly.

Hi when i had ON, no one diagnosed it. I went blind in 2000 in one eye, on holiday then when i got home. TWICE i went blind, and my stupid doctor ignored it as low blood pressure or the heat. I had it in one eye my left and the pain too was horrendous. The optician said it was DRY EYE…then i had problems a bit in the right eye. I never had no treatment and it got better slowly on its own. It wasnt until i had a VEP test in about 2008 they found had had ON in BOTH eyes the readings were high enought o have diagnosed me with MS …

The thing is i would URGE you to see your MS nurse and get it sorted or go on steroids. It should never be ignored. xx

Thankyou for your comments. I was diagnosed with RRMS in December last year, I was given steroids when result of MRI showed that I has ms and at point of diagnosis I was finding nearly every daily activity from walking to making a cuppa was a struggle, but my vision was fine. The steroids sorted that out, I’m still not 100% but much much better however now this new problem with eyes and both neurologist and ms nurse aware but not concerned, we have discussed another course of steroids but I’m reluctant so soon after last course and my DMD is being delivered on Monday (tecfidera) so I’m starting that and don’t think I can cope with steroids as well!!


This may or not be another bout of ON, either way it needs to be checked out.

I would see your GP.

Take care and good luck with the Tecfidera.

​Anne x

That’s how my MS started 16 yrs ago. I had 4 relapses over a year and was then put on Avonex. I’ve had a few mild relapses and funny turns over the 16yrs so feel very lucky. Most of the time I’m doing okay except I get tired very easily. It amazes me that I’ve been so lucky and I do hope you’ll find your M.S. is as kind to you once it settles down. x