Optic neuritis

Last few days I have had a weird sensation with my left eye. So hard to explain but feels like I can feel my eye in the socket. When i look left or right it’s sore and I get what I can only describe as sparkly floaters in my left eye. When I close my eyes or blink they go after a few seconds. Been to the opticians and nothing wrong with my eyes as I thought it may have been where I have been working longer hrs, I have a desk job but nope, she thinks it is optic neuritis. Anybody have any advise with this? Been diagnosed a year with rrms and still learning to cope as 99% of the time I feel fine and when this happens it hits me all over again.

It sounds like ON. Have you discussed it with you MS nurse? Your MS team should know as might be a relapse.

Hi Emma-Lou,

See optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia


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Thank u I spoke to an MS nurse today (my first contact with one since my diagnosis) I need to take a urine sample to my GP tomorrow and then need to go to eye hospital to rule anything else out. He is order certain it’s ON.will be going to relapse clinic on Thurs.

Hello Emma, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your eye. You are doing the right thing in going to an eye hospital where they will be able to tell you if you do have ON. The sooner the better, if necessary go to the hospital A/E don’t leave it to long. Wishing you the very best. Janet x

Thank you Janet. Went today and it is ON. My MS nurse is calling me tomorrow and hopefully will prescribe me something as it is so painful. Xx

Hi Emma. I had O/N in July. I was prescribed steroids which helped. I’m pleased to say my eyesight has now fully normal. Look after yourself