Optic neuritis, weird tingly finger and thumb

Hi everyone, This is my first post on here and I’m just wondering if you could maybe help me. About 2 weeks ago I started to get pain in my eyes when moving them, followed by some weird black spots which flash occasionally when looking left and right or shaking my head. I’ve also noticed I have a very slight difference in colour in my left eye ( it’s so subtle I can’t notice it in broad daylight and only when looking at something cream coloured). At the same time as all of this, I also have very slightly numb and tingling fingers on my left hand and also occasionally numb tingling toes ( they disappear depending on how I sit and I can feel a warmth when the nerve returns). So, my question is, do these symptoms sound like optic neuritis? The others, could they possibly be MS related? I’m booked in at the opticians on Friday and I’m a nervous wreck! My mother has secondary progressive MS. I realise it isn’t supposed to be hereditary but I’ve seen so many people with many family members with it. Thank you for reading.

My wife has had optic neuritis 3 times over a 10 year period. Optic neuritis generally causes lost of vision on a temporary basis. Most doctors will prescribe steroids to expedite the healing process. This will probably make you weaker on a temporary basis. Optic Neuritis requires being seen by an ophthalmologist because this is nerve damage that an optician is usually not qualified to prescribe drugs or other treatment/advise. This is very frightening but I believe you should recover. My wife has secondary progressive MS. Good luck with your MS.

Hi i have had quite a few attacks of this. Its very odd. it can be pain in the eye like a bolt of lightning. I find that my side vision goes weird, and i get like water falls around my vision and only can see so much. Its weird I cant explain it. I get the black dots not floaters they are different. I get pale vision too. blurry and it hurts more when i move my eye.

the neuro tests me with colour blind cards, i know weird but it does affect your colour vision, and he knows when i am having an attack from the results of that lol.

I have had two positive VEP tests for ON.

an optician cant do much except just make sure its not your overall vision. I have been in an attack with really bad flurry vision and seen my optician and my eyesight is fine hasnt changed so its a weird thing. I see halos around objects as well.

If your worried you need to see your GP and talk it through.

I have so much stuff going on around me when i have an attack from my MS anyway its difficult to say about other things, but usually ON is to do with the optic nerve, so really shouldn’t affect other areas.

My first attack in 2000 i went blind twice.

Like i said i would go talk to your GP about it if your worried and ask your optician too to perhaps refer you to have it checked out.

Stress can cause these weird things too.

Hi My experience of ON was loss of total vision in one eye and a severe ache-like pain in both eye and temple. The vision is obscured, like looking through bubble wrap but peripheral vision is sometimes unaffected. It can be scary but the best thing to do would be to book an appointment with an optician or ophthalmologist as you have, and let them know your family history. Failing that, go and see your doctor. Hope that helps. Good luck :slight_smile:

the hallos sound more like cataracts but it could still be connected to optic neuritis, especially since you have had the ‘blindness’ twice in FY2000. Have you had any more optic neuritis attacks since then?

The finger and toe feelings sound like a ‘mild’ attack that can occur simaltaniously as an on-the-side activity but MS related.

Regarding MS running in the family, I believe this position will change in the near future because too many people, especially women report this duality.

Hi my optician is at a loss to what causes them its like having a light shadow around items. i have no cataracts he checked me and i dont have cant remember the name begins with an A i think lol. so its a mystery. I have had about 3 attacks since 2000 myself. the last one the neuro did a VEP and it is what gave me my diagnosis as the figures had increased quite a lot from the first VEP.

I’ve had similar attacks over the years. It was the pain in my eye - at that time one eye only - which brought me to seek medical advice. At that time I was in the early stages of MS. This was many decades ago and I don’t think it was diagnosed as OP. I was just given eye drops by a rather bemused doctor. But it went away of its own accord. I’ve had it many times since and thankfully I’ve always recovered. It still always affects one eye more than the other oddly enough. My advice is to rest your eyes as much as possible - cut down on using computers and the Kindle and TV. All the bests

Hi guys… this is my first time posting … firstly I cant believe I have this disease…i was diagnosed about a year ago.I am not having treatment as my symptoms seem piddling really. I get quite dizzy if in a supermarket or if i move too fast.i have pins and needles in my left leg and hand all the time and get occassional pain in eye and the pins and needles in face comes on at times.

I guess … I was wondering if any thing can be done to treat.I have Betahistine for the dizziness but the pins and needles is quite relentless.Has anyone found anything that works.Whats the progression like for MS.

Its took a few gins to confront this and reach out .I like to ignore problems till they go away