vision problems

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed about 10 months but symptoms started about 7 years ago, all sensory over 3/4 flares. When I woke up this morning I felt a bit bleary eyed. Had a wash, rubbed it, tried to ignore it but my right eye is definitely blurry. My vision is poor if I cover over my left eye. Do I need to contact someone? I am not on any medication and dont see my neurologist until october. I am a little worried as this is my first symptom outside of tingling and numbness, I know I have been really lucky. I have never really been sure what warrants a call to the neuro as I dont want to bother people but I need to drive for work and I am worried its going to get worse over the coming days. Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks x

Eye prolems can be associated with MS (Optic Neuritis) but if it was me (been living with MS for many years) I would go and get an eye test locally first.

Although MS can present us with many weird and wonderfully challenging symptoms, it may not be the only cause of our ills!



That was the word I was searching for!
Best to see your local Optician first!
For the above reasons.


I have this just now saw gp who wrote a note to optician got appoinrment same day He said eye looked ok must be nerve be hind Saw ms nurse the other day and my neuro said she’ll do a test of some kind next time which deals with that not sure Good luck anywAy x

hey, very funny!!! I mean not finding the word…- happens to me all the time too!

That’s how optic neuritis starts with me. I wake uo and it feels like a clear ‘gunk’ is over my eye. If it is still the same tomoz I’d ring your MS for advice x