Hello. I seem to frequently have trouble with my vision. I’ve been to the opticians and had them checked and need a very slight prescription for reading but I get times when my sight seems like its foggy and the more I try to focus on something the worse it gets. Tried to explain this to the optician who said it could be the ms and the muscles getting tired. Is that what it is? So many things get put down to ms Lynn

I had this a while back… It lasted a few months, one thing did bug me… Lost most of my colour vision… ( everything looked black, white and grey) except for vivid rec on TV, BBC news prog looked even more boring lol Lynn x

Hi, i’m not dx but this is one of the symptoms I have. they have ruled out Optic neuritis but are concerned that my vision has detiorated so badly and think it iis linked to my dizzyness and poor balance. I am going to hospital today for tests so hoping to get a better idea of what is going on. i too suffer from very blurred vision and also double vision at times. Seems to get much worse when i’m too warm or very tired. Another one of those odd and frustrating symptoms that seems tp happen to people with neuro problems. x

Hi Lynn, I have had the exact same problem. My eyes went a bit blurry and I had lots of floaters in my vision, went to see the optician who said I needed glasses (very slight) bought glasses and had no improvement. Went to see GP who referred me to ophthalmologist at the hospital, he said everything was fine and I might be getting Posterior vitreous detachment, which is where some jelly like substance detaches from the retina and causes blurred vision. I still get it though so do often wonder if its linked to my MS in some way. I would ask your GP to get seen by an ophthalmologist, at least then you might have some more definite answers. Laura x

Hello all if diagnosed with ms there are other conditions other than optic neuritis which affect vision although optic neuritis does not cause blindness only tempory vision problems,there are some others related to over active immune problems eg uveitis,My hubby has both sadly and has loss nearly all vision in both eyes registered as severly sight impaired/blind.Please get your eyes checked out if you notice anything out the ordinary.I wouldnt want what happerned to hubby to happern to anyone we have 2 little children and he may never see there faces when they are grown up.xxxxtake care all and get them eyes checked xxxxx julie

Thanks for the replies. I’m seeing my dr tomorrow. I could make a list, it really does make me feel like a hypochonriac.

Good luck!

I have all they symptoms with my vision and my ms nurse said I have uhthoff phenonigan (spelt wrong )linked to my ms it worsens when tired or hot.