Loss of vision


I’m having problems with hazy vision in one eye with almost total loss of sight in the dark.

If got a doctor’s appt later today but wondered if anyone can relate to this.

Thanks christine

Hi Christine,

You don’t say whether you have MS or not.

In either case it would be better if you got to see an ophthalmologist; as they have a load of equipment and the training that a GP doesn’t have. If you explain what your symptoms are it’s unlikely that you’ll have to make an appointment.

Best wishes,


Thanks Anthony

Yes I have plans and wondered if anyone experienced this.

Hopefully my GP will refer me.


It should have said I have ppms

Hi Christine,

In which case it’s quite likely to be Optic Neuritis. This is a common effect of MS although many people (including myself) get it as one of the first symptoms.


Hi Christine

How awful for you And scarey to I’d imagine. I had one bout 5 years ago I woke up one morning and thought I had something in my right eye. My experience was a black dot in the middle of my vision I went to see optician but by the time I got the appointment it had resolved itself, he still checked my eyes and couldn’t see any damage luckily. It only lasted two days

Are you going to contact your ms nurse? She may prescribe you steroids

I haven’t had a repeat since thank goodness.

Ann x

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I should have said that nearly all cases get better without any treatment, but you may experience some loss of colour vision. The time it takes to get better varies from a few days to several months. Anthony

Doctor advised me to go straight to hospital if it happens again. Not got ms nurse doctor going to make referral.

Hi anthony, is that right if you have PPMS you are more likely to have ON? I ask as in 2000 my first symptom was blindness in one eye on holiday and when i came back to uk. over the years i have had two positive VEP tests bilaterally for slowing brian to optic nerve, and several times with sight issues. i was diagnosed with PPMS in 2016 after another positive VEP tests and 3 lesions over time in my spine.

I still have episodes but so far they tend to sort themselves out. but one lasted nearly a year with vision stuff.

I was told it can take a few days to upto a year too sort itself out. My neuro said unless you can catch it early steroids are a waste of time, and not always necessary.

my last bout did last about a year i suppose.

My vision loss also happened on holiday and looking back it’s happened before I think the heat made it worse.

I went to hospital last night and made a referral for me to see a medical doctor who will contact me today. It’s Al! Very confusing and I’m certain they did not know what they were doing.

If now got an appointment on Monday at the eye clinic.

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I had problems a few months ago - tried to get in at my GP but no appointments available!- didn’t fancy a long wait in A & E - contacted my optician who saw me that day and he was very reassuring - no serious eye problem and he said things should recover - which they did.

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