Vision problems

Hi everyone,

I do not have a neurological diagnosis but i am seeing neurologist on friday again.

Im having some vision problems at the moment. My vision is mostly affected when going from bright sunlight to a less light room, everything seems to go green for some time. My other problem is that in the past things appear grey like there is fog, others say that it is a bright day. I am not too concerned as my vision is normally ok other that what i have mentioned.

Im interested in what your thoughts might be.



Hi Christine, have you seen an optician?

You definitely should. Write a list of those symptoms as it’s so easy to forget when you’re there. I know someone who had that green vision… can’t remember what it was… but she hasn’t got MS and it was something that could be treated.

In general, people with RRMS get more vision problems than people with PPMS… but as with all things MS, it’s not always that straightforward and some people with PPMS get vision problems.

The only person who can tell you what’s going on with your vision is an optician.

Hope you get it sorted,

Pat xx

Hi Christine

I agree with Pat, definitely get this checked with an optician, it is surprising what they can tell from looking at their eyes, but vision is precious, so please make an appointment.

Hope all goes well with the neuro.

Pam x

Thanks…found out neuro appointment has be cancelled for this week. I will mention vision problems to him and arrange to see opticion.



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