Vision issues


i was diagnosed last October with PPMS with the main symptom being mobility issue with my left leg. However in the last couple of weeks I have noticed my vision in my left eye is blurred. I went for an eye test and have been referred to an eye specialist as believe it is to do with the nerve behind the eye. Anyone else experienced this and have any advice? I’m still coming to terms with my diagnosis and wasn’t expecting to suffer with another symptom so quickly. Thank you.

I’m the same. However, I saw the eye specialist who has referred me back to my neurologist as he thinks it isn’t an eye issue but is a neuro problem…

I’m having an mri tomorrow to see if there are any active areas of inflammation.


I wonder what your next step is after the MRI if it shows inflammation? Good luck. My vision seems to be improving slightly but waiting to get my referral letter to eye specialist. I just had an MRI so hope I don’t have to have another one quite so soon!

Sandy, give it a few months. The symptoms can go a bit wild but give them time to settle down. I had bad vision problems but found that taking citalopram (an anti-depressant) really helped.

Our lives are full of mystery.


I was diagnosed PPMS in 2011. I had 3 months of double vision towards the end of last year and I got Bell’s Palsy in January. They are looking to see if they have actually been relapses or if I’ve just been unlucky and it has been nothing to do with MS. It may mean I’m eligible for treatment but we’ll wait and see.


Thank you. I’m trying to keep positive! Will go and see the specialist and go from there.

My optician said it was quite common for people with ms to have blurred or double vision, as I have, as the nerve pathways between the eyes and the brain aren’t always in sync. He put prisms in both my reading glasses and varifocals as your eyes will always focus in the area of your lenses where they see best, so both focus in the same direction. Fortunately because it’s recognised as a genuine need, if you really on the nhs for your glasses, you get a voucher to help with costs. These prisms help so much. But tiredness make visual disturbances worse.