Hiya All, It’s been ages and ages since I posted on here, I’ve had Ms for about 8 Years then 3 years ago was told it’s PPMS, I’m used to all the weird sensations, not feeling my feet, falling over because my legs give way etc, my question is though is anyone having trouble with there vision? For the past two days my right eye feels like it has a film over it, I can see out of it but it’s all hazy, And when I’m looking at things it’s as if they are wobbly, it’s not the first time this has happened either which is making me think that it may be Ms related, any feedback will be very welcome. Sue xx

I’d suggest nipping into your opticians and asking for a brief check up, I did that and they referred me to optical A&E, I was checked up at the hospital about 2 days later Turns out nothing wrong on that occasion but MS makes them nervous. I’ve had some peripheral vision problems since but fortunately steroids kicked that.

Good luck and get it checked soon, could be worth contacting your MS nurse if you don’t have a regular optician.

Sonia x

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Hi Sue

My eyes get blurry especially when I am tired or have overdone it, and have to rest to make any improvement.

I don’t know what it is called, but sometimes out of the side vision I see what I think is something moving, although there is nothing there, all very weird.

If you have an MS nurse have a word with them, if not either your gp or optician, just to make sure it is your MS.

Hope you feel better soon.

Pam x

HI pam and Sonia, I’m going to pop in to my optician tomorrow to put my mind at rest, God I’m losing the use of my legs don’t want my sight to go, I know there are people who are worse off than me but god I hate this disease, Anyway thank you for your replies suexx

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Hi Sue, Nice to see you on here…

I would say it’s definitely MS related. Problem with the optic nerve.

I don’t think there’s anything they can do but do go and see optician. Also when you next see neuro tell him/her even if it has cleared up by then… and yes it will most probably go away at some point.

Pat xx

Hi Sue,

I agree with the others that it’s worth getting it checked.

Like Pam I get blurred and peripheral vision problems especially at night.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Nina x

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Hiya All, Thank you for the replies, I’ve been and seen my optician bless him when I told him what was happening with my eye he got me in straight away, he’s a small independent optician’s, so he knows me as a person and not a number if u know what I mean lol, anyway yes its Ms related and he’s going to write me a letter for when I next see my neuro, Which I thought was nice of him. Have a nice day everyone and chat later sue x


Glad you’ve had some confirmation at least, it’s the not knowing that’s so hard!

Sonia x

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Hi Sonia yes it is hard not knowing I find it very frustrating, makes you Want to bang your head off a brick wall lol . Sue xx


My left eye is often blurred or smudged. It gets worse if I’m tired or get too hot, it’s called Uhthoff’s phenomenon I think.

Yes, Uthoffs is a reaction to heat. I can barely stand up if I have a hot bath. I guess it could effect your vision just like fatigue.

Sonia x

Sue, l am following the Biotin for Progressive MS - facebook group. The original Biotin trial was for eyesight problems with MS - then it was found that it also helped in lots of other ways. 91% of people in the trial found it helped. To-day l read of people who are taking the high dose Biotin have had a great improvement with their eyes. Especially with optic neuritis. One person said she went back to her her optometrist and had her eyes tested - and they have improved by 70%.

Just thought l would pass this on to you - as l can imagine how worrying it is to have anything going on with your eyes.