Hello everyone.

I know some of us mention blurred vision as a common symptom but it doesn’t seem to come out as a main topic of discussion. The fact is, however is that I’m so fed up of tired eyes, having to angle books for even large print (reading bedtime stories) and squinting at our rather large television, I’m starting to get one of those shouting fits when I just scream at the ceiling. What can we do, other than steering clear of focusing on nothing but blunt objects, which rules out every form of media other than audio books/news. I struggle to see the ball in football or tennis and have no desire to change allegiance to indoor bowling or curling-although I did get quite gripped by some bowls the other month. (Day time, wife at work).

Oooohhhh it makes me want to shout!

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve, glasses with prisms in can really help blurry vision.

Go and see and optician. You are probably having to concentrate hard to stop seeing double (you might not even be conscious of doing it), but prisms in glasses should sort it out.

Let us know how it goes.

Pat xx

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Hi Steve. I had really bad blurred and double vision and went to the optician who suspected ms to be the cause even before I was dx, and he put prisms in my glasses as Pat mentioned. What a transformation!! I’ve always had very good vision and he explained that there was nothing wrong with my eyes but the signals between them and my brain weren’t behaving causing the problems.

I still have trouble even with my specs when I’m tired but I’d definitely recommend them any day. They take some getting used to so don’t expect a miracle, your peripheral vision with them on is limited so you can’t drive in them but you should only need them for tv, reading etc. Mine are varifocals with three layers for close up, computer and tv distances and not cheap, the lenses are expensive so go to a good optician, but it’s money well spent.

Good luck, please let us know how you get on. Take care

Cath xx