Double vision


I’ve been having problems with my vision and wondered if anyone had any words of advice.

I have weird eyes! I’ve worn glasses since I was 10 (now 53) and am very short sighted. I had prisms and varifocals for years before diagnosis. I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2011.

For the last few years I have had temporary double vision in both eyes after doing close up things like my computer or reading. This is slightly strange as it stays when I cover one eye up whereas I’m told that shouldn’t happen. It only stays for an hour or so and then goes back to normal. I’ve been told they can’t do anything for me and it has been classed as convergence paralysis. It troubled me to start with but now I just accept that it happens.

However yesterday I started getting permanent double vision when I look towards the left without doing any close up work and is the more normal type where if I cover one eye up it goes away. My eye also aches a bit. I had my eyes tested routinely 10 days ago and everything was fine and I didn’t need my glasses updating.

Do you think (and I suspect I know what you’re going to say) I should get it checked out? Seeing I don’t have relapses do you reckon it’s here to stay?

Just after people’s thoughts and also wondered if anyone had had similar experiences.



Hello Sarah.

I’ve had great problems with eyesight. Like you, using a laptop and other close-up work causes a general blurring and colours tend to get filtered out.

When I was driving, the road ahead became black-and-white with no sense of distance. I was obviously worried about it. Along with all the other MS nonsense, the GP prescribed Citalopram; an anti-depressant. Well my eyesight returned to normal. Four years on and I’m still ok. My optometrist said it relaxes the eye muscles but it could go either way. I was lucky.

I can now go back to watching sport and see the ball-even in golf; not that I watch golf but I could if I wanted to.

It could be worth a try.

Best wishes.

Thanks Steve.

I went to A&E this morning as it had got worse. Apparently they think I have 6th nerve palsy so have been referred for more tests. In the meantime, until a proper patch arrives tomorrow, I have some tissue stuffed up my glasses to cover one eye. It makes it a little more bearable and safer too as the double image disappears. It’s quite tiring as my eyeball aches too. Time will tell whether it’s a permanent gift from my MS friend or a passing symptom.


Hi Sarah

Since my last relapse in May - My eyes have been a problem, double vison has eased, but my eyes feel like they are on stalks ( I feel like Marty Felman ! )

I went to my optician and he said that my sight is the same although there was a problem with my optic nerve, he refered me to a specialiast at moorfields and they confirmed Glaucoma ( as a added bonus !!! )

so, I’m on drops for that

she said that she could see some damage but could not confirm if it was the MS

When I walk my eyes feel like they are wobbling !

Not sure if any of this is permanent

Take care


Sarah when I’ve had double vision Fiona advised me to alternate the eye I was covering to prevent too much eye strain on one eye.

Hope it resolves soon.

Jan xx

Hi Jan,

I did wonder about that. Fiona’s on holiday at the moment. The problem is one eye is better than the other anyway. I’ve swapped the patch over now and it’s a good job I know where the keys are on the keyboard!
I hope my appointment comes very soon as I really don’t like this!

How are you keeping?


I know exactly what you mean by wobbling eyes! Shame about the glaucoma, my mum has it, hope I can avoid that one!

Look after yourself,


hi everyone

i don`t know here to start. i have been diagnosed in 2012 with ppms i just recently handed my HGV license in.

Hi Sarah

Im doing really well my mobility Is getting worse but I feel well. My energy levels are so much better than they were a couple of years ago. I do Lucy’s chair based class we work harder than we did in the other one (or should I say I work harder than I did in the other one). I’m also doing Aqua fit.

The eye patch thing may depend on what is causing the double vision. Is no one covering for Fiona? I have spoken to Karen in the past although it’s enough to sap anyone’s energy levels simply trying to get an answer on their phone line.

Take care, keep us up to date on how you are.

Jan xx

Hi there Sarah. I’ve had eye issues for years myself & found cutting onion helps. I put the onion in a tub with a lid & occasionally take a peek until my eyes water. Apparently onion is very good for eyesight. There’s tons of scientific proof too. I also found putting some Vicks in my pillow cases helps.


I have had double vision for 18 months, I went to the opticians they sent me to my doctor for a referral to see the opthamologists, they were able to get me a prism on my glasses which helped me no end. I am at the moment waiting for another appointment to see the opthamologists again, I think it has changed as sometimes I still get double vision with my glasses when I am tired. It was the opthamologists that put me forward for the MRI and started the journey here. Good luck Kay

Hi Sarah I’ve also got the double and blurry vision. At times my eyes water badly too. I had excellent vision prior to ms hitting me hard and I’ve also now got varifocals with prisms, my optometrist said that the blurring etc was just an ms thing, but my GP also have me a lubricating eye gel which helps a bit but otherwise I just have to wait for it to pass. Cath

I asked my husband to take a photo of my eyes this morning as he said they weren’t moving correctly. When I look to the far left, one eye does just that and the other eye stays looking forward.

I have a feeling this might be more complicated than I was originally hoping! Typical!


Hi Sarah

That sounds like what I have - my eyes wobble ( especially when I run )

could be Internuclear ophthalmoplegia (INO) - without the risk of self diagnosis ( there is not always a doctor around )


Interesting! I really hope I get some news about an appointment this week.

I’ll keep you posted,


My appointment came through with the orthoptic department but it’s not till 17th September. Going to be a long 4 weeks!

i find that when i lay down my eyes move up and down seperatly for a while i have to close them to stabilise and if i hang something or just look up it does the same.then i have to level my head to normal position

Just thought I’d tell you that after almost 3 months my double vision has disappeared!!

As of today I’m managing without a patch. Interestingly the eye department asked for some blood tests to be done and it turned out that my cholesterol was very high (8.2). I was put on statins straight away. Apparently high cholesterol can be a cause of 6th nerve palsy. So, I don’t know what has been the cause of my double vision but I’m glad it has gone!

Sarah x

Great news Sarah, does it coincide with your cholesterol lowering?


Not sure as yet. I was told to have my blood tested again after 3 months and I’ve got a couple of weeks to go yet. I think I’ll be on the statins forever now as the high cholesterol seems to be a family thing; Mum has been on them since my age and my brother is on them as well. I’m assuming it’s to do with it as I don’t have relapses. I’m just happy my eyes are normal again!