Temporary Vision problems

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I am just interested in anyone’s temporary vision issues after having an experience on the weekend. I haven’t sought any advice which may seem odd I am just so tired. To cut a long story short I woke in the night and after getting up realised I section of my right vision had gone (central). I always feel off colour when up at night so can’t say I felt any different. I must have nodded off about an hour later just so exhausted and when I woke up the vision was restored although my eye muscles feel as if they are straining now. The only other (odd) symptom is that since my right foot is warm to the touch and yet I feel as if it is freezing and I am so tired literally could just sleep non stop. Not looking for diagnosis just if anyone has had any symptoms like this themselves.

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I have has all sorts of MS vision issues over the years: double vision, ON, visual field drop-outs, and the thing the medics always say is: don’t assume it’s MS - get it checked out. Not everything is MS, and some eye problems need urgent intervention to save vision. I would suggest phoning your GP and getting referred to your nearest emergency ophthalmology clinic for assessment.

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I don’t have MS just ongoing tests after non MS type brain lesions being found and a suspicion by them. Just wondered if it were something people had experienced generally. I have been trying to get through this afternoon for a eye health check but so far have not been successful. Thanks for your answer!

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you should have gone to AnE really any sight loss should have been checked. I had this on holiday in brazil, and was taken to emergency they checked for stroke which it wasnt and i was told to see my GP urgently went i went off holiday. After the attack i felt weird and tired. long story the gp didnt take it seriously, even though i went blind again when i got home temp in same eye. that was 2000, then 2006 i had VEP tests which proved i had ongoing optical neuritis and lesions brain optic nerve, then 2015 late i had another VEP showed I had even worsening and that is when i got my diagnosis of Progressive MS.