optic neuritis??

Hi all I have been intermittently losing peripheral vision over the weekend but then after a sleep seems to get better. Don’t quite know what to do as though if it was optic neuritus it would not be intermittent? Not going to go to work tmrw as worried even if its ok in the morning it might get worse (i am a physio so restful day unlikely) and mean I wouldn’t be safe to drive home. What do you think? Call gp? Ms team usually take a few days to respond when I have contacted before…? Advice gratefully received x

Hello there,I reckon that you should get to the GP and try to get hold of the MS team.Do you get no professional curtesy with regards a teeny weeny bit of queue jumping? It could well be ON,but your version of it,hence the recovery after a rest.Do you wear glasses,contacts or use optical equipment? Do you do anything which may cause eye strain?

I don’t suffer with it but do notice things which aren’t entirely due to middle age,but just wear sunglasses unless it is a drismal day.I had it when first diagnosed,but with ‘handy hindsight’ know that a couse of IV 'roids fixed it along with other stuff,

Good luck,

Wb x

my first ms symptom was ON and it presented as the opposite of what you describe - a grey patch appeared in the centre of my vision, like a smudge on my glasses, then expanded over a few days until I had lost the sight completely in one eye. Is yours in both eyes?

It could be an ms symptom of course as my optician told me to come straight to her with certain things such as double vision.

I’d get it checked out if it is unusual but it may not be ON.

btw, I get similar symptoms to those you describe with fatigue, which could explain the going away after a sleep thing.

obviously, I have no clue but I just thought I’d share my experiences in case that helps, good luck with it x