Eyesight problems

I have been suffering with double vision and dizzyness for a couple of days now, I am going to the optician tomorrow however I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this could be down to MS? Usually I have tiredness and a weak right hand side this is the first time I have had any eyesight problems.


I have double vision at the moment which is an MS relapse. I started with this in 2007 and it got better eventually. I have had other MS problems since then, (strangely a numb left arm and hand) but in October 2011 it came back big time. I was given steroids to take but alas it made no difference. I went to my optician when it first happened, and he refered me to hospital So you are going to the right person.

I hope tomorrow turns out to be ok for you.

Take care


Hello Claire,

I am pleased you will be seeing your optician tomorrow, the double vision and dizzyness could be caused by any number of reasons. If your optician feels you need to see a specialist he/she will write to your doctor who will refer you. Try not to worry about it until you know what is causing it. Please let us know how you get on.

Wishing you good luck.


Hi Claire,

I’ve had MS for over 13 yrs. My wife is an opthamologist (optician) and I became worried when I had these symptoms. They have gone now but no-one (including my wife could tell me how long they would last and it is different for everyone - she does some p/t work at the Edinburgh Eye Pavilion as well as being a full time optician. I could not tell you even if I wanted to and even eye surgeons could not tell me. It seems to last forever but mine has ‘cleared’ now - I’m 56. One thing that I can say for sure is that MS is a 'bstard and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (to coin a phrase). Think whatever makes you feel good or don’t - it’s your decision. It’s hard to say to someone that the double vision and dizzyness will go and I even had ‘correction’ on my glasses - nobody can ‘honestly tell you’ - mine has gone - honest but I have no idea if it will come back again - who knows? I will tell you if it does! I’d even forgotten about the ‘double vision’ until I read your story. I can’t tell you what to do apart from try and think ‘positively’ or whatever you want! I just wish that I had someone to comfort me when I had ‘double vision’ - I was sh*t scared! How do you feel? I could try and comfort you (but I would’t be telling you the truth - because I don’t know and nobody does even eye surgeons that I have talked to. It’s your life and it was a bit like a slap in the face. Nobody knew and nobody could tell you - it was very ‘lonely’ - but it has cleared now and I have been waring glasses since the age of five! I played rugby because I started wearing ‘contact lenses’ - I don’t now but I wore them to improve my appearance (only to end up marrying an ‘optician’). Good luck!

Marcus. x.

My wife just read what I had typed and she said it could (not definate) be a 6th nerve palsy but you would be best to see an Optician. Good luck (I had double vision and I’m STILL HERE SO DON’T WORRY!) and that comes from an optician of 35 years.


Thanks everyone for your comments. I thought my eyesight was better this morning only to find out when I stood up I was dizzy and now have blurry vision and only slight double vision when I look in certain directions. I go to the opticians this afternoon and will let you all know how I get on, and marcus I don’t think my husband would be too happy if I left him to marry an optician lol. Hope you all have a good day


Double vision was the thing that got me diagnosed - it certainly is something that MS can do. As others have said, it’s good you are getting it examined. (My double vision went away completely after a few weeks, BTW.)



Dear Claire,

I didn’t mean to upset you and I have ‘been there and done that’ - got terrified and confused with double vision but it can clear up (and it has for me) - it was just something I never thought that I would get because I considered myself quite fit (I used to jog along St. Andrews beach when I lived there but the double vision put an end to that. Try not to worry (at least that’s what I wished anyone would say to me - but I and they didn’t know for sure that it would clear up - but IT DID!) - DON’T LET THE OPTICIAN OVERCHARGE YOU - IF HE/SHE TRY TO CHARGE YOU THEN I’M SURE THAT MY WIFE WOULD DO IT FREE!


I have had MS for many years now and the eyesight was a big episode for me. When I did get it sorted out by using my husbands private health care I now go to Black Lizards in Giffnock Glasgow. They are great and have fitted prisims to my glasses. When fatigue sets in my eyes get tired and I have to rest them. Ask the optician if they have any experience with MS. Hope u get on ok

hiya sorry to hear you’ve had probs with your eyes…it can be scared but also the brain can get co fused as a result…my eye probs also cause vertigo and am still getting over On. in left eyein jan…hoping to know if I can drive when I visit optitions end of week on this. I am not dx and have other porbls too for some yours which may or may ot be ms related…still waiting ina neuro review…if your vision gets worse I would go to your eye A&E as they can look in your eyes with pupils dilated…the optition is only limited but certainly is the best first stop for you…good luck and key us know how you get on e

Yes double vision and dizziness are part of ms.

I had it a few years ago, couldnt watch the tv because my eyes saw double, then the room would spin. I was sent to opthalmology at the eye hospital and they sorted out prisms to help my double vision and the dizziness eventually went.

I would seek help from your gp, who will probably refer you. There are also medications to help with the dizziness.

Best wishes



I too have had double vision but here is a question I have always wondered about since my episode with this. OPTHAMOLOGIST opinion was: if the double vision is still there with one eye closed it is likely to be your brain causing the problem and not the eye itself. Neurologist said: if the double vision is still there with one eye closed it is likely to be your eye itself causing the problem and not the brain. Any idea of who is right?