Double vision returned

Hello, not been on this site for a while, but could do with some advise.

I was initially double vision that got me diagnoised with MS and I have had glasses made through specsavers with prisms built in. I have been getting on with life as best one can with MS but at the begining of last week my double vision has come back big time. My eye is causing me pain as well. My dilema is that I don’t know what my port of call is. Do I go to A & E, do I contact my MS Nurse who will write to my nuerologist, do I go to my GP. I can’t drive even with my glasses on it is so much worse and I can’t watch the TV without one eye closed. I have also been feeling so low and in pain on my lower jaw and down my neck. This i suppose is my trigeminal nerve playing up. I take lyrica and was upto max at the weekend plus co-codimal.

Any advise will be good


Hello Caz,

We have got a horrible illness haven’t we? From what you say about your symptoms, if I were you, I would get in contact with my MS nurse. These are a great invention, and at least if you inform he/she you will feel under less pressure, which seems always a good thing for we MSers. The best of luck to you.


Hi Moyra

Thanks for that, I don’t know about you but I always think I am making a fuss, or I am imagining things, or at the very least I should get a grip. But I don’t want to today, I am tierd and in pain

You’re not imagining things and you’re not making a fuss over nothing - at the very least go and see your optician, but yes, I think your MS nurse should be your first call. Meanwhile, if you can take Nurofen, I would give that a go - it might help with the pain.

Hope you get sorted soon,

Luisa x

Sorry, just re-read your post, Nurofen’s not going to help you if you’re already on other stronger painkillers, ignore that bit, but do contact your MS nurse x

I suggest that you get oral steroids as quickly as you can.In the past they have cleared up trouble with my eyes,and help a bit generally.


I guesse you’re reading this with one eye! isn’t it frustrating.

Speak to your GP and MS nurse

Oral Steroid (prednisolene) cleared me up quickly, but double vision is usualy short lived and may clear on it’s own. My Gp prescribed mine

The quicker you receive steroids the better. Which route is quickest- GP or MS nurse? If it were me, I would go see my GP and hope he would prescribe oral steroids, then I would phone my ms nurse and tell him what the GP has done. Roger

Hi, im experiencing the same thing at the moment, ive had to wear a patch for 8 weeks, without it i see two of everything. Not nice is it. Im seeing my ms consultant next monday for a check up and to hopefully see if theres anything he can do for me. Bit worried about having steroids again to be honest.

Hi again,

Thanks for all your advise. I went to my GP yesterday, and no mention of steroids was made. He took some bloods to rule out other things. He put me back on anti-depressants (which I had come off three months ago) saying that they would help me relax. I am to go to my optitian, and come back in two weeks if no better. He wil then refer me back to nurology if it is’nt. Today I have had a phone call from them to say bloods all clear. I have had to come home from work early as I can’t squint any more, it’s so tiering. I am confused