Owch owch owch

Hi Everybody, I Started off Having a Great day today felt really Good then later in the day i Started getting pain behind my eye and now im in agony it feels like sombody is pushing there thumb into my eye its so painful and Also have pain Running down my cheek :frowning: whats the Start of ON feel like Could this be it ? Owchhhhhhie :frowning: x

Hi Kizzy, Can’t help, but just passed by and noticed no one has noticed you in pain yet. So thought you might need a warm thought of support. Hope all is ok and improving. Paul

hi Kizzy,

Sounds really painful. I had something similar before I was dx with me it felt like a knife was stabbing in my eye. It lasted about 3 days and then went and has never reoccured. I didn’t experience any blurring just this searing pain. As it was one of my first symptoms and MS wasn’t then on my radar I just put up with it but if it persists into tomorrow for you I would defo call your GP/MS nurse and see what they say.


Hi Kizzy,

I would think your first stop would be an optician and if they find something wrong they will refer you on. Doctors don’t tend to know much aboput eyes. Hope the pain goes quickly. Sending (((((HUGS)))))



Try Optician, or if your local A&E has an Eye Casualty it might be worth a visit. I had eye pain with double vision and went to optician who confirmed double vision and called me a taxi to hospital (I had driven to appointment)

sounds really ouchy - hope you get it sorted soon x

NB in answer to your question - only had ON once and it was painful but bearable, but there was a big blind splodge in the centre of my vision. Read the ON stuff on the symptoms of MS from MS Society which explains it pretty well


Thanks Everyone , its 3am now and i Could scream i think i shall be deffinatly heading to the doctors tomorow :frowning: i will have a look at the Info in ON but so far my vision seems ok its just the pain x x