Ever Experienced These Issues with MS??

I am 49 years old and have not officially been diagnosed with MS.
I have been having problems with double vision for over a year but it has been progressively getting more and more often. It just happens and it is sometimes one eye and sometimes both. Usually I can see straight ahead blurry but when I look to either side I have double vision. Sometimes it last an hour sometimes 5 to 6 hours and it slowly goes away.
I have had 2 episodes that sent me to the ER. I had double vision that lasted over 8 hours and extremely high blood pressure. They did a CT Scan said they did not know exactly what was wrong but it sounded like the start of MS.
The next visit was numbness. Started with my leg then my arm. I could use them but they felt like they were asleep and it lasted all day. Slowly went away.
I am having muscle weakness. This is what I am wondering if anyone had experienced it. When I do any type of yard work or vacuum out my car maybe 15 mins of this work is all I can take and what ever muscles I am using seem to cramp in a horridly painful way to where I have to lay down right where I am and wait on the pain to stop and the cramp or whatever to go away. I have laid outside in the grass and cried waiting on the pain to go away. I used to be able to work outside all day clean my house and still feel fine and there is no way I could accomplish that now. Anyone have similar experiences??

Hi, i kept having double vision so went to the opticians and i had a scan done of my eyes which cost £25 i think. They are able to see if there is optic nerve damage which is usually a tell tale sign of MS. Mine was apparently ok (still having double vision) but he said ot doesnt mean i dont have MS. Id recommend having it done. Good luck!

You definitely need to talk to your GP. Something’s going on, and you nee to find out what. It can be a long road, but the longest road is the one not started, so please do get the ball rolling on a proper investigation as soon as you can.

And yes, by the way, for what it’s worth, the things you describe do chime with my personal experience, which is all I have t go on, knowing nothing else beyond that. It’s a proper expert opinion you need.