6 weeks after my last relapse ( after doing the half marathon and going to Iceland for the weekend ( the country , not the shop )

still having problems with my eyes. no double vision, but i feel like they are popping out ! and still have the occasional head spin

I know how un predictable thse things can be but …what are others experiences with the eyes



Double vision was my first symptom back in 2014 - it came out of nowhere, got in my car one day and realised there were two of the car in front! I was terrified! This lead to a whole series of investigations and eventually a neurologist telling me it was probably MS but couldn’t be officially diagnosed in one episode so advised to “wait and see”. I am currently having my second episode of double vision along with pins and needles and weird feelings all down my left side.

I have found the eye symptoms really difficult to cope with - I can’t drive, I can’t work and it honestly makes me feel so disorientated, I lose my balance and keep nearly tripping over due to poor coordination. I am just hoping it clears up soon as last time it lasted 6 weeks before going back to normal.

If you’re worried, do you have an MS nurse you can speak to? Also may be worth seeing an optician or getting a referral to ophthalmology as I have found them helpful in the past in offering practical solutions like covering one eye with a patch for double vision!


hi Robyn

I did speak to my MS nurse - as there was a active leison , she prescribed some Steriods - as I also had Vertigo !

I have booked an appointment to see my optician

Like you, I can cope with the pins and needles - but the vision issue knocked me for six and I was off work for 2 weeks, other than that , I was quite strong and felt like a fraud.

I have moments when I go from indside - to outside


I know the feeling I have double vision I have had it for 18 months, I wasn’t able to drive read or anything else. I did get a prism from the eye hospital which makes thing easier, I can drive now but I haven’t had any medications to sort it out, can’t your GP put you forward to see the eye doctor or will you have to wait until it clears itself mine hasn’t.


Totally get your comment about feeling a fraud! I have been off sick for 2 weeks now, I’m able to do things around the house and I’ve been out and about but I know I couldn’t cope with work - I’m a nurse and my job is stressful at the best of times let alone when I can’t see properly!

I hope the steroids help and clear up your symptoms soon! It’s the unknown that scares me the most about this disease - not knowing if/when I will get new symptoms and not knowing whether those symptoms will be temporary or permanent!