Double Vision

Hello Recently I’ve been having double vision in the mornings. I wasn’t sure if it’s an MS ‘thing’ or not? It goes away if I close 1 eye (either one). Any advice? Thanks Nicola

[quote=“ArmedOracle”] Recently I’ve been having double vision in the mornings. I wasn’t sure if it’s an MS ‘thing’ or not? [/quote]

It certainly can be, and was in my case: double vision was the thing that tipped me from ‘probable MS’ to just ‘MS’. It is also one of my relapses that resolved completely, which is more than can be said for most of the others. This was a great relief to me: things going wrong with vision are really frightening. I hope that yours goes away quickly too. Mine did have me off the road for a bit, by the way - at the risk of stating the obvious, ability to drive safely is always worth keeping under close review with these things.

In the meantime, I think it would be a good idea to let your consultant/MS nurse know what is going on - they may want to have another look at you. It can be important from a treatment options point of view - and this applies to RRMS generally, not just a newly dx person like you - to make sure that signs of new activity have been formally confirmed by a clinician and logged on your notes.


Hi Nicola

My advice is to ask for referral to an ophthalmologist. I saw one a few years back when I started getting double vision. She gave me a few eye exercises to do several times a day. That sorted the problem for me within a couple of weeks.


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Yes it is defiantly to do with MS.

I first got it years ago when I was driving my car the two lanes of traffic suddenly became 4 lanes, when I closed one eye it was back to 2 lanes lanes of traffic. Drove home with one eye closed and did not drive again until it had cleared up lasted a couple of weeks.then went back to normal. I have not had a repeat of this (touch wood)

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yes I get this too and I also have to close one eye. I do warn people that I’m not going mad when I have one closed but explain that it’s because I see double with two eyes


I started getting Double vision about 10yrs ago now, long before i’d ever heard of MS. I’ve had a couple of operations which helped for a while, but then it slipped back again. They told me in hospital that we all have muscles at the back of the eye. In my case these muscles weren’t working equally and the Consultant cut one to shorten it … (while i was asleep). Months later the double vision came back and re repeated the operation. But same thing, ok for a while but months later it went double again. The hospital said they’d operate again if i wanted, but like with any operation it could go wrong and be worse, so if i could learn to live with it, it may be better.

Since the first operation i go back for regular check-ups, the next one is next month. So i’m going to ask about the possibility of MS, we’ve only ever talked about these muscles at the back of the eye.

Double vision was my first relapse 13 years ago and I’ve not had it since (touch wood)! I was admitted to hospital after my mr showed a tumor type thing under my brain, which turned out to be a sinus infection! This was not connected to the double vision. I was given iv steroids and wore a patch over once eye so I could function properly. Full recovery took 3 months. Go and see your GP straight away. Sharon