Query re eye symptom


I was diagnosised with MS in June after a bout of ON in Jan (blurred vision in my right eye) and with having had inflammation on a previous MRI and then 3 more lesions on an updated on. My neurologist was however very hopeful that it wouldn’t cause me too many problems and I wasn’t due to see him again until Jan next year. I’ve now developed vertical double vision along with a squint (where one eye looks off in another direction to the other eye). This has come on over the last 2 weeks. I have been to the GP who has refered me back to the neurologist. I’m waiting for a call from them for an emergency appointment, and they are apparently rechecking the scans. Is this a normal type of thing for MS, and can it progress thins quickly? Also, if anyone’s experienced anything like this, then did you make a full recovery from it / what about the squint? Any info would be great. Many thanks,


I had double vision for a bit and it was scary indeed, but it went away completely. Fingers crossed that the same happens for you. I hope you get to see the neurologist quickly. I am sorry that you are having such a rotten time. Alison

Thanks Alison.

Can I ask how long it lasted for? Also, were you affected by / know anything about a squint + if so, did that go back to normal? Lastly, could you work during it (I’m supposed to be on placement as a student nurse at the moment, but things are a little difficult)? Or anybody else who has experienced this, please let me know about your experiences / thoughts.

Thanks Forest

I’ve had two bouts of double vision (or diplopia as they call it), once when I was diagnosed 12 years ago and once about 5 years later. The first lasted for 6 weeks and the second about 4. It’s scary but I recovered totally both times. The second time the local eye hospital made me a plastic ‘prism’ to attach to one lens of my specs which corrected my vision until it went away. As I understand it, the nerve signals to one of the muscles under one of my eyes were disturbed by a small inflamed brain stem lesion which cleared up when the inflammation subsided. Hope this helps. Jx

I have double vision and a drifting eye.

My left eye floats upwards (it’s probably this that causes the double vision) My neuro referred me to an ophthalmologist who has helped with temporary prisms in my specks. I have had the double vision for a long time but I’m SP and things don’t tend to get better so don’t take that as a guide.



Oh I have experience of double vision . Infact for 8 years. Just to put another flipside to Jane above about SP and double vision. I thought I was going to have this for the rest of my life with a ‘pirate’ eye patch to watch telly etc.

However, after moving counties I persued it again and met the best specialist eye surgeon ever - well for me any way. He informed me he has performed thousands of botox and eye operations on MS people amongst others. He was able to correct and … reverse this ‘excepted’ symptom of mine in April of this year. Wow!

There seems to be someone or something out there that could help you, I suppose it could well be right place, right time,right person, right patient.